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h1. *Welcome to the MySQL Wikis Space*

This is a place to gather ideas and knowledge about the MySQL Community but not only community related information such as:
* [List of MySQL User Groups |mysql:List of MySQL User Groups] \- find the closest MySQL group to your region. You can also report any existing UG to be listed on this page.
** [How to create & run a User Group|How to create & run a user group] \- includes a couple of advices of how to create and run a working and successful MySQL User Group together with contact to MySQL Community Relation Team which can support your UG and help you to promote that.
* [MySQL FAQs|mysql:MySQL FAQ] \- do you have any question? You can look for an answer here or you can use the [FAQ on|] or use some of the [mailing lists/forums|] for placing your question...
** [Code Contributing FAQ|mysql:Code_Contributing_FAQ]
** [mysql:Error FAQs]
** [mysql:Errors]
** [mysql:General]
** [mysql:Installation FAQ]
** [mysql:Mac OS X]
** [mysql:MySQL Backup and Restore]
* Events & Conferences
** [Upcoming&Past Conferences & Events|mysql:Upcoming MySQL Events] \- includes a list of events & conferences where you can meet MySQL engineers and/or MySQL Community Team as well as the feedback, blogs, photos and suggestions for improving our attendance at the conferences which we attended...
** [mysql:MySQL Special Actions] \- for many of our MySQL User Groups and not only for them, we are delighted to offer a special discounts and MySQL focus actions like trainings, virtual courses etc.
* More are coming soon....

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