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h1. Product Documentation

{expand:h5. Important Changes to Installing Unified Communications Suite Software}
{panel:bgColor=#FFFFCE|borderColor=#ccc}Beginning in June 2015, Unified Communications Suite (UCS) software is now delivered as three separate products -- Oracle Communications Messaging Server, Oracle Communications Calendar Server, and Oracle Communications Instant Messaging Server. Each product download enables you to download additional software that you have a right to use. For example, the Oracle Communications Messaging Server download enables you to download Oracle Communications Convergence and Oracle Communications Indexing and Search Service software.

As a result of the changes to the packaging of the software, the process for installing UCS software has changed. There is no longer a single {{commpkg install}} command to install the whole suite. Instead, you now run {{commpkg install}} for each product you are installing. The {{commpkg}} script is bundled with each individual software product.

Note that the installation guides for the following products have not yet been updated to reflect this change:
* Calendar Server
* Contacts Server
* Delegated Administrator
* Indexing and Search Service
* Instant Messaging Server

*For Oracle Communications Delegated Administrator only*

If you are performing a new installation of Delegated Administrator, you must do the following:
# Prior to installing Delegated Administrator, install the shared components, such as NSPR and NSS, upon which Delegated Administrator relies. To do so, download the {{comm_dssetup}} software and run the following command:
commpkg install -comp ~DSSETUP
# After installing the shared components, install Delegated Administrator by running the {{commpkg}} script that comes with the Delegated Administrator software.
# Linux platforms only: Prior to configuring Delegated Administrator by running {{config-commda}}, create a directory named {{{*}install{*}}} under the following directories:
#* The Delegated Administrator installation location, for example: {{/opt/sun/comms/da/}}
#* {{/var/opt/sun/}}
# After creating the directories, run {{config-commda}} to configure Delegated Administrator.

{expand:h5. Where to Find Product Documentation}
{panel:bgColor=#FFFFCE|borderColor=#ccc}Most product documentation is available on the Oracle Help Center. Refer to [Oracle Communications Unified Communications Suite Documentation Guide Release 8.0|] on the Oracle Help Center for details about where to access documentation for each UCS product.

{panel:title=Messaging Server 8.0|bgColor=white|titleBGColor=#D8D8D8}
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{panel:title=Indexing and Search Service 1.0.5|bgColor=white|titleBGColor=#D8D8D8}
[ Usage| Usage]
[Configuration Worksheets - Indexing and Search Service|Configuration Worksheets - Indexing and Search Service]
[ Usage| Usage]
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[setup Usage]
[ Usage| Usage]
{panel:title=Calendar Server 7.0.5|bgColor=white|titleBGColor=#D8D8D8}
See the [Calendar Server Documentation|]. Available formats include HTML, PDF, ePub, and Mobi.
{panel:title=Connector for Outlook 8.0.2|bgColor=white|titleBGColor=#D8D8D8}
See the [Connector for Outlook Documentation|]. Available formats include HTML, PDF, ePub, and Mobi.
{panel:title=Contacts Server 8.0|bgColor=white|titleBGColor=#D8D8D8}
See the [Contacts Server Documentation|]. Available formats include HTML, PDF, ePub, and Mobi.
{panel:title=Convergence 3.0.1|bgColor=white|titleBGColor=#D8D8D8}
See the [Convergence Documentation|]. Available formats include HTML, PDF, ePub, and Mobi.
{panel:title=Delegated Administrator 7.0|bgColor=white|titleBGColor=#D8D8D8}
See the [Delegated Administrator Documentation|]. Available formats include HTML, PDF, ePub, and Mobi.
{panel:title=Instant Messaging Server 9.0.2|bgColor=white|titleBGColor=#D8D8D8}
See the [Instant Messaging Server Documentation|]. Available formats include HTML, PDF, ePub, and Mobi.
{panel:title=Communications Suite|bgColor=white|titleBGColor=#D8D8D8}
[Communications Suite Schema Reference]
[Communications Suite Deployment Planning Guide]