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h1. Introduction to Convergence Software

Convergence is a [Web 2.0|] client for Messaging Server, Calendar Server and Instant Messaging. Convergence includes the following high-level features:

* Ajax-based client with integrated email, calendar, address book, and instant messaging
* Drag and drop action (including drag and resize) often found in thick clients, for example, dragging and dropping messages between folders, dragging and dropping appointments, and so on
* Hi-performance, customizable interface

The Convergence client utilizes [Ajax|] to provide a "rich" user experience. In addition, Convergence is designed to avoid potential complications brought in by plugins such as Flash. As such, Convergence focuses on using the capabilities common within the most popular types of web browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari.

This document contains the following sections:



h2. Introduction to the Convergence Client

Convergence is a feature-rich, interactive, high-performance next generation web-based communication client. Convergence is the Web 2.0 replacement for its previous web-based client, Sun Java System Communications Express. In Convergence, users experience a highly interactive, rich Internet application that provides integrated access to mail, calendar, address book, presence, and chat services. In addition, due to its highly customizable nature, Convergence is as much a development platform as it is a client.

The following figure shows a sample view of the Convergence interface.

h5. Convergence Interface

!CommSuite:Communications Suite Attachments^cc-inbox2.gif|width=900|alt="This figure shows the Convergence graphical user interface."!

h2. Convergence Functionality Drill Down

Here's a brief look at Convergence functionality by component.

h4. Email Functionality

* Compose, Reply, Forward, and other typical email functions
* Spell check
* Search (subject, sender, and so on)
* Mail management: Deleting, Moving, Marking messages
* Quota

h4. Calendar Functionality

* Typical calendaring functionality
* Create, edit, and delete events and tasks
* Check availability, schedule meetings with others
* Sharing calendars

h4. Address Book Functionality

* Common address book across services
* Create contacts and groups of contacts
* Corporate address book
* Import or export contact information (LDIF, vCard, CSV)
* Send email or schedule events directly from the address book

h4. Presence (Instant Messaging) Functionality

* Presence integrated with contacts
* Buddy lists, Chat capability

For more information about using the Convergence client, refer to the online help included with the product.