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*Version 7 Update 2*

*Release-Specific Documentation: Release Notes, Installation, Initial Configuration, and Upgrade*

This wiki space provides release-specific documentation for Oracle Communications Unified Communications Suite 7 Update 2, which shipped on 10/12/2011. The latest and most current Communications Suite documentation is always available at the Communications Suite [CommSuite:Home] space.

{expand:h6. Version 7 Update 2 Features}
This Communications Suite release provides a number of new features, including the following:
* Calendar Server - Support for Oracle Database, virus scanning of calendar attachments, and Connector for Microsoft Outlook as a calendar client
* Instant Messaging - Support for Facebook and SIP/SIMPLE, as well as a new XML-based configuration
* New platform support - Oracle Linux

For complete information on new features, see [What's New].

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[Get the Software]
[What's New]
[Release Notes]
[Communications Suite on a Single Host]
[Communications Suite on a Single Host (Linux)]
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[Printable Communications Suite Documentation]

[Printable What's New|Printable Communications Suite What's New]
[Printable Release Notes|Printable Communications Suite Release Notes]
[Printable Installation Guide|Printable Communications Suite Installation Guide]
[Printable Upgrade Guide|Printable Communications Suite Upgrade Guide]
[Printable Communications Suite on a Single Host]
[Printable Communications Suite on a Single Host (Red Hat Linux)|Printable Communications Suite on a Single Host (Linux)]

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[Installation Guide|Communications Suite Installation Guide]
[Installation Scenarios|Communications Suite Installation Scenarios]
[Upgrade Guide|Communications Suite Upgrade Guide]
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[Communications Suite Initial Configuration]
[Convergence Initial Configuration]
[Delegated Administrator Initial Configuration]
[Indexing and Search Service Initial Configuration]
[Instant Messaging Initial Configuration]
[Messaging Server Initial Configuration]
[Calendar Server Initial Configuration]