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This page contains the links to different Test Design Documents which describes the Test Cases executed as part of the UC2.2 release

Testing Area Test Design Owner
Entitlment UC22TD.RepositoriesEntitlment Faouzia
Software Update UI UC22TD.SoftwareUpdateUI Lalitha/Faouzia
Cross Promotion UC22TD.CrossPromotion Faouzia
Install Time Config UC22TD.InstallTimeConfigTest Faouzia
updatetool UC22TD.UpdatetoolTests Lalitha
Notifier Applet UC22TD.NotifierTests Lalitha
IPS Enhancement UC22TD.IPSEnhanceTests Nouar
JAVA API UC22TD.JavaApiTests Arvind/Faouzia
pkg(5) Extra tools UC22TD.PkgExtratoolsTests Lalitha
Repositories Enable/Disable Support UC22TD.RepositoryEnablementTests Faouzia
Proxy Authentication UC22TD.ProxyAuthenticationTests Faouzia
Security Update UC22TD.SecurityUpdatesTests Faouzia
System Tests UC22TD.SystemTest Faouzia
Compatibility Tests UC22TD.CompatibilityTests Faouzia
Upgrade Tests UC22TD.UpgradeTests Faouzia

Old URL (read-only): http://wiki.updatecenter.java.net/Wiki.jsp?page=UC22TestDesign
New Page: https://wikis.sun.com/display/updatecenter/UC22TestDesign

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