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SNEEP - Serial Number in EEPROM


Sneep provides a software-accessible Product/Chassis Serial Number (PSN/CSN)
for all Sun Solaris hardware platforms.
Sneep uses the system EEPROM for persistent storage of
the Chassis Serial Number and other important user-defined data
such as asset information, rack location, or the serial numbers
of attached storage devices.

The presence of the software-accessible serial number and other
service-related information can significantly simplify
activities related to system service and asset management.

Benefits :

  • Easy Retrieval of Serial Number and Asset-related information
  • Simplifies process of opening Service Request
  • Aids in Equipment Life Cycle Management
  • Changes are reported to system log for audit compliance
  • Serial Number Communicated accurately to Oracle via Explorer and Service Tags
  • Interconnects Oracle databases and Services

Before sneep, only a few of the newer Sun platforms
had a mechanism to maintain a software-accessible
serial number. Among those platforms, there is a wide variety of
mechanisms for this, making consistent access to this information
difficult. Sneep provides one simple and consistent interface to
the management of this information on all Solaris hosts, domains,
and zones.

Current Release

The current release of sneep is 2.10 . (Release Notes)


The latest sneep download is available in the Oracle Service Tools Bundle (STB).

The download instructions for STB can be found in My Oracle Support Knowledge Article 1153444.1

The previous sneep download site at
is disabled until an equivalent site at can be arranged.

Sneep link(s) in the Oracle Downloads A-Z Index lead to the login page of My Oracle Support,

but the previous sneep release 2.9 download is available as My Oracle Support patch 10364286

Release Notes for Previous Releases


Contract customers can place service calls for sneep support
using normal Oracle support channels such as My Oracle Support
or by calling the appropriate telephone number available at

The sneep support team will acknowledge cases opened for
support requests and escalations within one business day.

This is the only mechanism for problem investigation and
Requests For Enhancement, so that these requests can be properly
tracked and resolved.


Sneep has two email distribution lists at

The "sneep-announce" list is used by the sneep team to inform interested people whenever a new release is available or there is other information which users of sneep need to know. Every site using sneep should subscribe to sneep-announce to stay informed of important updates. The message volume is very low - just a few messages per year. Being on the list should not add to your email burden.

You can subscribe to sneep-announce by sending a message to "sneep-support" (described below) with "subscribe" in the Subject line. We had an email hyperlink here which would do it for you, but the spammers found it.

The "sneep-support" list can be used to make comments, to ask simple and general questions, and to subscribe to "sneep-announce". It is monitored on business days by the sneep support team, and you will usually get some response within a few hours but there is no guaranteed response time.




Tools related to the deployment and use of sneep can be found on the Sneep Tools page.


Sneep Presentations

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