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release 1.0.23:  date released: May 3, 2013

1. Fix: SI list display sorting

release 1.0.22:  date released: Dec 21, 2012

1. Fix: Explorer date discrepancy in Refine View Table to Explorer date in MC Report
2. Fix: MC report ASR icon removed
3. Fix: Demo link updated

release 1.0.21:  date released: June 29, 2012

1. Fix: ORI Report ranking table missing last row

release 1.0.20:  date released: May 4, 2012

1. Fix: Previous OSSA Reports disappear when new Explorer arrives
2. Fix: Outdated Demonstration links removed
3. Fix: Refine View table should not show asset if Explorer is over 6 months old and no previous report
4. Fix: Report Status shows N/A
5. Enhancement: Single System ORI Reports

release 1.0.19:  date released: Apr 13, 2012

1. Fix: Proactive users will get redirected to MOS login screen on timeout and logout

release 1.0.18:  date released: Jan 27, 2012

1. Fix: System Firmware version
2. Fix: Wiki links update to Wikis.Oracle.COM
3. Fix: Marketing message update: notification of upcoming outage & removal of Sunsolve links report issue
4. Fix: New user dialog box display issue
5. Fix: Updated window header label
6. Fix: Icon counts appearing as '?'
7. Enhancement: Kernel Jumbo Patch version data
8. Enhancement: End of Life (EOL) definition links

release 1.0.17:  date released: Dec 16, 2011

1.   Fix: SFT and LOM icons removed
2.   Fix: Report more links fixed
3.   Fix: Explorer version and Latest Version at time of report generation
4.   Fix: LWACT (Light Weight Availability Collector Tool) icon reporting fixed
5.   Fix: Baseline Diagnostics analysis filter and icon count fix
6.   Fix: Explorer age and warning mismatch
7.   Fix: Baseline Diagnostics showing same counts
8.   Fix: RYG icon mouse over
9.   Fix: Unable to see CSI checkmark mouse over info
10. Fix: Marketing section disclaimer: Reports only apply to hardware running on Solaris

release 1.0.14 update 1:  date released: Sept 29, 2011

1. Enhancement: Job Monitor performance modifications - horizontally scalable
2. Fix: Refine View Table query - Explorer date must reflect date of explorer image used for Risk Analysis report

release 1.0.14:  date released: Sep 20-11

1. Enhancement: Report Generator performance - horizontally scalable
2. Fix: AutoSubmit business rule update for load_date and grace_end_date scenario

release 1.0.12:  date released: Jul 22-11

1. Fix: Report Generator optimization update
2. Fix: Marketing area notification of Proactive data center move impact to service

release 1.0.11:  date released: Jul 8-11

1. Fix: Report generator performance optimization update
2. Fix: Sunsolve links changing with MOS 5.3 release
3. Fix: Remove marketing message related to broken report links
4. Fix: Updated Getting Started guide on landing page

release 1.0.10:  date released: Jun 29-11

1. Fix: Report Generator update
2. Fix: Report page - System Tools - Explorer Date / Report Date format changed to appropriate format
3. Fix: Report page - OSSA Essentials - System Firmware - Last Reboot Date format changed to appropriate format
4. Fix: Report page - OSSA Mission Critical - Security Patch Summary - Release Date format changed to appropriate format
5. Fix: Report page - OSSA Essentials - ASP patch instance - Release Date format changed to appropriate format
6. Fix: Report page - OSSA Mission Critical - ASP patch instance - Release Date format changed to appropriate format
7. Fix: Marketing message inform users of broken report links to Sunsolve

release 1.0.9:  date released: Mar 25, 2011

1. Enhancement: GUI performance improvements - Queries and landing page loads are faster for user accounts with access to large Support Identifiers
2. Fix: Added support for users with access to > 100 Support Identifiers
3. Enhancement: Added Release Notes link to UI
4. Enhancement: extended error handling and reporting in UI
5. Enhancement: Report generation performance improvements

release 1.0.8:  date released: Feb 24, 2011

1. Fix: reports generated for Explorers older than 90 days

  • Any Explorer with a run date of older than 90 days is considered too old to generate a new report against.

2. Fix: reports generated with broken Sunsolve links

  • Fixed links to access detailed information in the report body

3. Fix: Explorer/Report date formatting
4. Fix: Explorers older than 186 days should not be displayed
5. Fix: Explorers older than 186 days will not be included in processing and error messages

  • Explorers received more than 186 days ago, including the reports associated with these Explorers, will no longer be accessible

release 1.0.7: date released: Feb 2, 2011
1. Enhancement: Entitlement verification for Serial Number Quick-Search.
2. Enhancement: Allow a user with valid CSIs but no entitled Explorers to see the landing page.
3. Fix: Replace "CSI" references with "SI" for Service Identifier. Also replace MOS references in error messages with My Oracle Support.
4. Fix: Report submit bug fix to no longer allow really old explorers for reports.

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