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APAC, July 31st 2013
Mumbai 10:30 a.m. (GMT +5:30) - 2:30 p.m.
Singapore 1:00 p.m. (GMT +8:00) - 5:00 p.m.
Sydney 3:00 p.m. (GMT +10:00) - 7:00 p.m.

(Check the World Time Converter for other time zone information)

Twitter Hashtag for the event: #OTNMYSQL

Register / Attend HERE

General Event Information

The OTN Virtual Developer Day: MySQL is an on-line event where you hear and see session presentations, perform hands-on lab sessions in a VirtualBox environment. You can chat with attendees and staff and participate in live discussions with subject matter experts.

Sessions in the conference will start at the times specified in the Virtual Conference Agenda.

Note that audio is accessed via your computer's headphones or speakers, there is no dial-in number for the main presentation audio and you do not need a microphone.

The navigation menu below will help you find important information about the event. If you have questions after reading these pages, please post a comment/question on the appropriate wiki page. You are welcome to contribute additional tips, tricks or knowledge about the VirtualBox Labs to the wiki. 

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  1. Mar 06, 2013

    They were probably right under my nose, but I could not find the instructions to install mySQL on a Windows XP machine.  Is it possible?


    1. Mar 06, 2013

      There are a number of resources available for installing MySQL on a windows machine.

      There is an entire chapter on it in the MySQL Manual - http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/windows-installation.html

      The chapter includes sections on choosing an installation package for Windows, how to then install MySQL using that package, troubleshooting and post-installation procedures.

      Please be advised however that the labs will be conducted in Linux. if you wish to follow along with any of the labs be sure to see their setup instructions.

  2. Mar 10, 2013

    I'm at a standstill installing the necessary software.  I have Windows 7 (64bit). The Oracle VM VirtualBox downloaded and installed OK.

    Next, at https://edelivery.oracle.com/linux all went well until Step 10) Download Oracle Linux Release 6 for x86 (32 Bit) (part number V24734-01, 2.6G). There was no such file so I chose the closest to it, Oracle Linux Release Media Pack 6 for x86 (32 Bit) (part number V24735-01, 2.6G).  That's ...5-01 rather than ...4-01 on the part number.  This downloaded and unzipped OK

    However unzipping did NOT give me "OracleLinux-R6-U0-Server-i386-dvd" as described in the instructions.  Instead it gave me various other files in the following folders: google-sample, Guru3D.com, MSIAfterburnerSetup223, nv, and V24735-01.  V24735-01 was empty.

    I went forward with the instructions under "Starting up the VM:".  Steps 21 and 22 went OK.  Step 23 had a window very similar to that illustrated in the instructions but not exactly the same.  The Storage Tree showed Controller IDE and under that "Empty".  It did not (yet) have an additional sub-choice "OracleLinux-R6-U0-Server..etc.". When, per the instructions, I clicked at the bottom on the + disk icon in order to add "the dvd iso that was downloaded" the cursor did change to "working" but just turned and turned and never got anywhere.  At the same time a warning message showed up saying "On the system page you have assigned more than 50% of your computer's memory (395G) to the virtual machine.  There might not be enough memory left for your host operating system.  Continue at your own risk." (I had earlier assigned 2G of RAM, (2048 MB) per the instructions.)

    I eventually cancelled the operation and tried it one more time.  This time the + button and the others were all grey and the cursor did not change to "working" status.  There is now a warning sign at the bottom of the page "non-optimal settings detected".

    So there seem to be 2 problems, here.  A. downloading did not give me the specified file to use and  B. even if I had the correct file I don't get the chance to choose it.

    I'll appreciate any help you can give me.


  3. Mar 11, 2013

    Hello -

    It sounds as if the Oracle Linux download didn't work right.  If you go (again) to https:/edelivery.oracle.com/linux, and "continue" with product pack set to "Oracle Linux" and platform to "x86 32 bit", then when you get the list of media packs, click the radio button to "select" Oracle Linux Release Media Pack 6 for x86 (32 bit) and click "continue".  Then you should see three items, the first of which should be "Oracle Linux Release 6 for x86 (32 bit), V24734-01, 2.6G".  There should be a "download" button next to it, which you can click to download the proper file.  Let us know if this still doesn't work for you!


    Ben Krug

  4. Mar 11, 2013

    Hi, should I download all of 3 files or only the V24734-01? There are source dvd1 and source dvd2 at the list too...


  5. Mar 12, 2013


    for this hands-on-lab, you only need the first file, V24734-01.  The source code for Oracle Linux is available in the other two files (source 1, source 2), but we don't need that to set up the VM.

    Best regards,

    Ben Krug

  6. Mar 12, 2013

    The directions provided in the "Getting Started with MySQL HOL Instructions" are the commands that are done *during* the HOL.

    1. Mar 12, 2013

      Thank you !

  7. Mar 19, 2013

    Unable to Install the Oracle Linux OS on My VirtualBox VM,

    It says : " The Oracle Linux Server Disc was not found in any of your drives. Please insert the Oracle Linux Server Disc and press OK to retry".

    I successfully installed my VirtualBox VM on Win 7 Host OS. I also successfully download and extracted, and burned the iso file: "OracleLinux-R6-U0-server-i386-dvd" in the "V24734-01" folder. When insert the DVD and press OK, the error still persists. Please what do I do?



    1. Mar 25, 2013

      When did the error occur? What step of the VM setup were you on when it occurred? Did you do step 23 from VM setup instructions

      More information is necessary for us to understand what is happening, so we can then tell you how to fix it.

      1. Mar 28, 2013

        Hi Ligaya,

        Thanks so much for your response. I had to skip the Media Test prompt and everything went fine.

        However, installing MySQL Server(RPM format) on the Oracle Linux Server has been grossly unsuccessful. I followed the instructions on the presentation manual to the letter and yet was unable to scale through. First and foremost, the instruction in the installation guide as delivered during the just concluded MySql Virtual Conference was taking about MySql in .tar format, whereas the Community Edition of MySql made available to us is in .rpm format.

        I tried to use the "yum" utility to do the installation instead, but was required to register for the Oracle Linux Unbreakable Network, which requires me to obtain a support ticket number. Please is the Oracle Linux Server not free?

        Please how do I successfully install MySql Server, or even LAMP on Oracle Linux Server?



        1. Mar 28, 2013

          Hi Kingsley,

          RPM installation is very different then the binary installation process I used in the Virtual Development Day presentation. To install RPMs, you will want to follow the directions provided on the manual page

          RPM and tarball files are available for both Community and Enterprise editions. You can choose to download either of them for your platform - though you may have to search for the tarball in the listing.

          I am not overly familiar with Oracle Linux other then as an alternative Linux installation regarding yum, so not sure how to help you with that. I would recommend asking the the OTN Oracle Linux forums

  8. Jul 31, 2013

    I don't find the option to log in to the session....please someone help me...!!

    1. Jul 31, 2013

      Please go here - https://oracle.6connex.com/portal/mysql/login. Platform is only open 15 minutes before the listed start times below - Mumbai 10:30 a.m. / Singapore 1:00 p.m. / Sydney 3:00 p.m.

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