Getting Started with the SQL Developer SDK

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There are 2 main ways to extend the functionality of SQL Developer

  1. XML Defined Extensions
  2. Java Defined Extensions

XML Defined Extensions

XML Defined Extensions require no java programing, just some XML and SQL knowledge. 
They are extremely easy to setup, but you are limited to extending certain functionality.
The user has to add these extensions one by one into SQL Developer using the User Defined Extensions preferences pane, so sharing a large extension is a bit difficult.

SQL Developer allows you to extend the

  • Database Navigator
  • Database Editors
  • Database Actions
  • Database Reports

Using SQL and XML to define the functionality of the extension.

An XML extension can be enhanced with javascript. This is useful for when you need to build dynamic SQL for your forms base on user input.

Java Defined Extensions

Java Defined Extensions require java programming skills. 
More complex extensions can be defined and they can be packaged as complete SQL Developer extensions (.jar files)

SQL Developer has a public java API which can be used to extend more functionality than XML defined extension can.

How To Create a Java Defined Extension


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