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Oracle Mix is the official social network for the Oracle Community.

Mix allows you to:

  • Connect with your peers
  • Create and join groups
  • Share content and ideas

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Oracle Mix?

Oracle Mix is Oracle's official social network, connecting employees and non-employees around all topics Oracle. As of February 2012, Oracle Mix has 75,000+ members.

Who can join?

Everyone can join Oracle Mix. All that is required is a valid account.

How do I sign up?

Simply go to the Oracle Mix homepage and click "Create an account" in the top right corner. Upon signing in for the first time using your account, your Mix account will be created automatically.

How do I change my password?

Oracle Mix relies on Oracle Single Sign-On (SSO). If you need to change your password, head over to You'll see an account link in the top right-hand corner of the page. Click this link to access your account settings, including password.

How can I change my profile image (avatar)?

Here's how you can add or update your profile image:

  1. On any page: In the top navigation, click on "My Profile" (this gets you to your profile page)
  2. On your profile page: next to your name, click on "Edit my profile" (this gets you to the "edit profile" form)
  3. On the "edit profile" form: in the right column, under "Your Photo", click "browse" and select an image from your local drive. Then click "upload" to submit.

Your image should now appear. Thanks for adding it!

What are groups?

Groups allow Mix members to connect around topics of shared interest.

Can I create private groups?

Yes, any Mix member can create groups. When you create a new group on Mix, you can specify under "Privacy" whether you want to make this group private. Private means users can join only by invitation (they are either invited or have to request to join), and non-members won't be able to see any of the group's content.

How do I grant administrator rights to other group members?

Here's how:

  1. Go to your group
  2. Click on the link right next to the group title indicating the group size (e.g. "120 members").
  3. In the member directory, navigate to the group member whom you want to grant administrator rights.
  4. Next to the user image, click on "add admin rights".

As a group owner, how do I transfer group ownership to another Mix member?

Please contact us and let us know the group and who the new group owner should be.

Can two groups be merged?

Please have the group administrators for both groups contact us and let us know which groups they suggest we should merge.

Can I delete my group?

In order to avoid accidental deletions, this feature is not available to Mix members. Please contact us directly for any group deletions.

How do I change my group's name?

Try this:

  1. Log into Oracle Mix.
  2. Go to your group.
  3. In the right sidebar under "group actions", click "edit group" (you must the the group administrator to see this option).
  4. Edit your group's name.
  5. Click "update" to save.

Your group's name should be changed.

Does Oracle Mix allow file sharing?

Unfortunately, Oracle Mix does not support file upload at this time. However, there are ways to embed certain types of external content (e.g. videos, slides etc.).

How can I contact the Mix team?

We like to hear from you! You can drop us a note via the feedback form on Mix (requires login), add a new question or idea on Mix or leave us a comment on our blog.

Feature list

We have added a number of new features in recent months and are currently updating our Mix feature list. Please check back soon!

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