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Welcome to the Oracle ACE Program Wiki!

The Oracle ACE Program recognizes excellence in the Oracle technology and applications communities and rewards individuals who generously share their technical knowledge and experiences. The program is comprised of two levels: Oracle ACE and Oracle ACE Director . The former designation is Oracle's way of saying "thank you" to community contributors for their efforts; we (and the community) appreciate their enthusiasm. The latter designation is for community enthusiasts who not only share their knowledge (usually in extraordinary ways), but also want to increase their community advocacy and work more proactively with Oracle to find opportunities for the same. In this sense, Oracle ACE is "backward looking" and Oracle ACE Director is "forward looking." Read the FAQ for more details.

The Oracle ACE program wiki is a valuable informational resource for all those interested in learning about the Oracle ACE community. If you would like to contribute to this wiki, please send your request for approval to the wiki manager.

General Information

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Contact Us

If you need help or have a question or suggestion, please send feedback to Oracle ACE Program wiki management.

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