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Contributing to MySQL

Participation from the contributor community is an important factor in the success of the MySQL open-source project. There are many ways in which you can help improving the software:

  • By Contributing Code  (e.g. patches for bug fixes or implementing new features)
  • By Write Quality Bug Reports
  • By Suggesting Features:While paying customers can influence the direction and feature set of the MySQL server and tools, you can too.
    The public WorkLog allows you to vote and comment on features that have already been documented and specified.
    If you can't find your suggestion in WorkLog yet, the best way to submit a feature request is to file a bug report marked as "S4/Feature Request" in our Bugs Database and be vocal about it. Blog about it! Gather support from others for your idea! Find someone who can implement it! Be vocal!
  • By commenting on WorkLog tasks.The engineering or product management teams are keen to receive community input. If you have an interest, or experience with, any of the topics related to these worklog tasks, we encourage you to add a comment to the specific task on the task page. By adding a comment, the developers assigned to that task will receive your input and be able to comment on that input.

    Online Backup and Replication

    • WL#3610 Upgrades
    • WL#3614 Upgrades
    • WL#3719 Table checksums
    • OnlineBackup
      • WL#1213 UCS4, UTF8
      • WL#3576Point-in-time restore using binlog synchronization
      • WL#3956Consistent backup between and within engines
      • WL#4062Blocking of metadata statements during backup/restore process so that they don't corrupt the ongoing backup
      • WL#4116Information schema with progress information
      • WL#3574Backup of Views
      • WL#3574Backup of Stored procedures and Stored functions
      • WL#3582Backup of Triggers
      • WL#3574Backup of database-owned Events
      • WL#4240Save/restore table space information
    • ConflictDetectionAndResolution
      • WL#2825 Triggers: enable or disable
      • WL#2634 Stored Procedures: provide debugger
      • WL#3523 Triggers: multiple triggers per table
      • WL#2111 Stored Procedures: Implement GET DIAGNOSTICS
    • By Supporting the Community Testing and Benchmarking activities
    • By Writing a Usability Report on your experiences with a product or feature

All of the activities above require a certain level of technical expertise. But often, community members make the mistake of thinking that just because they aren't hardcore C/C++ hackers, they can't make valuable contributions to MySQL.

This simply isn't the case! MySQL's community members can make invaluable contributions in many other areas, e.g. by participating in the mailing lists or forums or by blogging about MySQL. Or how about joining or setting up a MySQL User Group in your area?

See the Advocate MySQL page for more suggestions and details about how to contribute to the MySQL project on a less technical level.

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    Hi admin team,

    Can you please grant me an access to those pages (both edited by Keith Larson in the past), I should be now responsible for the content.

    Thank you,

    Lenka Kasparova

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