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WPTG - Localization Doc Production


  Apr 2015, Add DITA (Peoplesoft) instruction.

  Apr 2015, Update Hyperion/DarbBook instruction.

  Mar 2015, Add/Update HTML/PDF Checklist.

SolBook SGML/XML Doc production

This section include all l10n xml doctools information, and quick trouble shooting.


  • xmlwrapper
  • XBR

Solbook XML

  • DocTools website Link
  • DocTools Server v3.2.2 (v2.17)
DarbBook / DocBook / Hyperion / DITA
Frame Doc production

This section include tools and instruction for XML (strFrame) Doc project on TF.

XML (strFrame) Doc on TF

  • New process WPTG supported on FY12 Q2. Translate XML (convert from Frame doc) directly on TF and generate final PDF with doctools "XBR".


Frame Doc on WS (EOLed)

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