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Oracle JDeveloper and ADF benefit from a wide and thriving community.  You are encouraged to participate in this community as there is a large amount of experience and expertise available to you to make your job easier, and in turn it would be great if you could share your learnings back to the wider community too.

Official Oracle Forums

  • The official Oracle Technology Network (OTN) JDeveloper forum is a great location to post how-do-I-get-this-to-work type questions.

Community Groups

  • The ADF Enterprise Methodology Group is a place to discuss best practices and methodologies for JDeveloper ADF Enterprise development, including effort by "experts" in ADF (that's anyone that knows what ADF stands for ;-) to discuss high level issues than those discussed on the OTN JDeveloper Forums.  This effort is an overall part of getting ADF experts, advocates and programmers to collaborate at user groups events and OOW to get "ADF out there".
  • The German ADF Community  is a community of people who are interested in ADF such as developers, sales people,  decision makers etc.  Objectives are to exchange information about and to discuss events, webinars, or new product information etc. The community meets regularly conducts and participates in workshops and ADF News Session in the form of webinars since 2010. Presentation materials and recordings are available from the German ADF Community Workspace on Oracle BeehiveOnline. More information is available on the community website or via twitter @ADFCommunityDE.
  • (In German) Die deutsche ADF Community ist eine Gemeinschaft von ADF Interessierten vom Entwickler bis zum Entscheider. Ziele der Gruppe sind Informationen bezüglich ADF in Deutschland auszutauschen und zu diskutieren, wie zum Beispiel: Veranstaltungshinweise, Web-Seminare oder neue Produktinformationen. Die Community veranstaltet regelmäßig Treffen, Workshops  und ADF News Sessions in Form von Web-Seminaren seit 2010. Die Präsentationsunterlagen und die Aufzeichnungen der ADF News Session sind auf dem ADF Community Workspace unter Oracle BeehiveOnline verfügbar. Weitere Informationen gibt es auf der ADF Community Homepage:  oder über twitter @ADFCommunityDE.

Bloggers & Vloggers

A list of Oracle JDeveloper and ADF bloggers and vloggers, their Twitter accounts, LinkedIn profiles etc.  A live RSS aggregator of Oracle JDeveloper and ADF blogs can be found here.

Please maintain names in the following table in surname alphabetical order.

Name Country Language Oracle staff Oracle ACE/ACED Blog Vlog Twitter LinkedIn
Wael Abdeen ? English     Link      
Vinay Agarwal
? English     Link      
Andrejus Baranovskis Lithuania English   ACED Link   @andrejusb  
Luc Bors Netherlands English     Link      
Deepak C S India English     Link      
Wilfred van der Deijl Netherlands English   ACE Link   @wilfreddeijl Link
Mahmoud A. ElSayed Saudi Arabia English     Link      
Wes Fang USA English     Link      
Eugene Fedorenko Ukraine English     Link   @fisbudo  
Stuart Fleming USA English       Link    
Amr Gawish Egypt English     Link   @agawish Link
Timo Hahn Germany English   ACE Link      
Andreas Koop Germany English     Link   @multikoop  
Vinod Krishnan
Yes   Link
Vinay Kumar Germany English   ACE Link
Mohammad Jabr Jordan English     Link      
Srinivas Jilla
? English     Link      
Paco van der Linden
Netherlands English     Link   @pavadeli Link
Ping Ma China Simplified Chinese Yes   Link      
Duncan Mills UK English Yes   Link   @duncanmills  
ADF Mobile Team USA English     Link
Steve Muench Italy English Yes   Link      
Chris Muir Australia English Yes Former ACED OldNew   @chriscmuir Link
Lynn Munsinger USA English Yes   Link      
Sameh Nassar Saudi Arabia English     Link      
Frank Nimphius Germany English Yes
  Link   @fnimphiu  
Richard Olrichs Netherlands English     Link   @RichardOlrichs Link
Rohith Puchalapalli
USA English     Link
Jobinesh Purushothaman India Engilsh Yes   Link      
ADF QA Team India English     Link
Arunkumar Ramamoorthy
? English Yes   Link      
Puneet Rajkumar
? English     Link      
Grant Ronald UK English Yes
Prateek Kumar Shaw
India English     Link      
Raphael Rodrigues
Brazil English Yes   Link      
Juan Ruiz USA English     Link
Enno Schulte Germany English     Link   @LegendaryEnno Link
Donovan Sherriffs
South Africa
Shay Shmeltzer USA English Yes
  Link Link
Dana Singleterry USA English     Link      
Dimitrios Stasinopoulos
Belgium English     Link     Link
Chad Thompson USA English     Link   @chadothompson Link
Donatas Valys Germany English     Link   @donatasnq  
Sten Vesterli Denmark English   ACED Link   @stenvesterli Link
Assa Welle
JayJay Zheng USA English     Link      
AMIS Technology Blog Netherlands English     Link   @AMIS_Services  
Oracle WebCenter and
ADF Architecture Team
  English Yes   Link      
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  1. Aug 09, 2013

    Great list, and enough information on ADF


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