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GlassFish V3 Technology Preview 2 Content

GlassFish Nucleus

  • HK2
  • Grizzly
  • Logging
  • Configuration
  • Security

Web Container

  • Servlet 2.5
  • JSP 2.1
  • JSF 1.2


  • jRuby support

Business Tier

  • Java Persistence API 1.0 Support
    • Java Transaction API
    • EclipseLink
  • JDBC Connection Pooling
    • Java Connector Architecture 1.5


  • SSL infrastructure
  • File and JDBC Realm
    • Container Authentication and Authorization
  • SPIs to support Metro


  • Deployment of web modules and jRuby
  • Web Tier configuration
  • Admin CLI and GUI support for
    • deployment
    • http service configuration
    • web container
    • JDBC
  • Admin CLI internal support
    • CTS harness requirement to run TCKs for Servlet, JSP, JSTL, JSF, JPA
  • Update Center
    • CLI support for downloading additional content
    • Simple GUI
  • Standalone Installer based on IPS

NetBeans Plugin

  • Development and Deployment Support for
    • Web Applications
    • jRuby Applications

Eclipse Plugin

  • Development and Deployment Support for
    • Web Application

Downloaded at first Use

  • Admin GUI
  • Update Center
    • Download attempted at install time

Update Center Content

  • Metro
  • Jersey
  • jRuby runtime
  • jMaki 1.1


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