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FishCAT Introduction

Welcome to the FishCAT - a GlassFish Community Acceptance Testing program. The main goal of this program is to provide opportunity to community to significantly influence the quality of the GlassFish as well as to get early feedback on stability and usability through community involvement in GlassFish Beta testing cycle.

We will start our first FishCAT program for GlassFish v3 Prelude from August to September 2008. It will last about 4 weeks.

FishCAT Benefits

There are many benefits to participate in this program. Just to name a few:

  • FishCAT bugs will get special attention from developers and quality engineers.
  • FishCAT members will run applications on V3 Beta cycle and bugs could be fixed before product release.
  • FishCAT members contribution to GlassFish quality will be published in GlassFish Quality Community web site.
  • Your voice is important to us. A good quality of product benefits every one.

FishCAT Process

  • What email alias to use: We will use mailing list for FishCAT program communication, please click the link and do step 1 and 2 to sign up for this alias.
  • How to apply: GlassFish community members are invited to submit FishCAT application to apply for this program. We will select about 20 members based on the profile and activity in the community. Here is the Application Form (PDF}. Please fill it out and send it to
  • How to contribute: FishCAT participants will use issue tracker from to file issues found during the testing.
  • Where to look for results: A FishCAT quality dashboard will be published on GlassFish quality page clickand will include tables and statistics displaying issues filled during FishCAT program.

FishCAT Rewards

FishCAT members will collect CAT points for their contribution. We will publish the CAT points in the quality web site link.

Activity type CAT points
File one enhancement 5
File one bug 5
Review docs 5-10

Note, if no issue filed, we would like to give 5 to 10 points based on activities such as quality alias post, FishCAT meetings, etc

Here is Doc review guideline and points explanation

Here is FishCAT l10n testing [ guide line |FishCATl10ntesting]

FishCAT Bug Query

See the FishCAT FishCAT Bug Query

FishCAT Status Report

See the FishCAT [ Report |FishCATReport]


See the FishCAT FishCAT FAQ

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