Integrator Design Patterns

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This page is intended to collect recommendations, tribal knowledge and best practices around Integrator data workflow design.

Name Description
Collapse Records by Key This pattern demonstrates how to merge records sharing a key into a single row, where multiple values with the same attribute name are tagged as multiple assignments (i.e. multi-assign).
Dynamic Data Denormalization This pattern demonstrates how to convert tuples in a fixed entity-attribute-value format (e.g. CAS Record Store or legacy Endeca Forge XML) into a traditional rectangular format, with empty cells represented by nulls and multi-assign attributes packed into a delimited string.
Range Attributes This pattern demonstrates how to create a range attribute value based on a discrete value.
Metadata Merge for Joins This pattern demonstrates how to merge input metadata to create a single output metadata for joins that combine multiple sources. This removes the need for manual metadata configuration when joining data sources with many columns or volatility.
Field Prefix Renaming This pattern demonstrates how to allow for programmatic renaming of all metadata fields to include a prefix.
Email Alerting This pattern demonstrates how to trigger and customize email alerts based on the graph completion.
Derived Datetime-based Attribution This pattern demonstrates how to configure a reformatter transform that creates a variety of datetime-based attribution on the output metadata.
Export View Configuration This pattern demonstrates how to export view configuration in the xml format expected by the Load View Configuration pattern provided below.

EID 3.1 Export View Configuration
EID 3.0 Export View Configuration
Import View Configuration
This pattern demonstrates how to import view configuration provided in the xml format from the Export View Configuration pattern above.

EID 3.1 Import View Configuration
EID 3.0 Import View Configuration
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