Derived Datetime-based Attribution

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Deriving datetime-based attribution from a single date makes for more meaningful and usable guided navigation and analytics. This very straightforward pattern explains how to use a simple reformatter transform to derive a wide variety of additional attribution.

Given a single input date string, this sample pattern currently generates the following attribution:

  • Year
  • Month
  • Day
  • MinutesAgo
  • HoursAgo
  • MonthsAgo
  • DaysAgo
  • YearsAgo
  • DayOfWeek
  • EpochDate


INPUT FILE (date.txt):

We apply a format mask to our DateField via the input metadata, eg.

then simply run this data through a reformatter transformation that can create the variety of attribution for us on the output edge as illustrated by our sample DerivedDateTimeBasedAttribution graph:

which has the following transform logic, as seen in both GUI and CTL form:

Example Graph

Here is a snippet from the completed graph:

To test in your own environment:

  1. Create a new graph and copy and paste the graph snippet from above within <Graph> </Graph> on Source tab
  2. Copy the input file above into: ${DATAIN_DIR}/date.txt  (make sure file ends with an empty line)
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