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x86 Systems Options and Downloads

Product Updates and Firmware Downloads

Sun product patches, updates and firmware are now available on My Oracle Support, from the Patches and Updates tab. Information on accessing and using My Oracle Support can be found at the My Oracle Support Welcome Center for Oracle Sun Customers and Partners.

To find your download on My Oracle Support:

  1. Sign in to My Oracle Support
  2. Click the "Patches & Updates" tab
  3. In the "Patch Search" box on the right side, select "Product or Family (Advanced Search)"
  4. Enter a partial product name for "Product is" - a list of matches will be displayed. Select the product of interest
  5. Select one or more "releases" in the "Release is" drop down and close the pop-up window
  6. Click Search - a list of product downloads (listed as patches) will be displayed. Select the download of interest. This will take you to the Download Information Page

If, on the Download Information Page, you get the message "You do not have permissions to download this Patch...", see How Patches and Updates Entitlement Works to help you determine the reason.

Access to other types of content on the Sun Download Center is not changing at this time. However, please note that in the future these will be moving to either Oracle Technology Network Software Downloads, or to Oracle eDelivery.

Searching Systems Community

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