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This page outlines the status of high-level feature areas to bring from Apple's Java SE 6 to the Mac OS X port of JDK 7u4.

7u4 is now complete; 7u6 is in active development in jdk7u-dev.

A list of popular open issues is available at the JIRA bug reporter.

Features in the macosx-port src repository

Features not yet ported from Apple's Java SE 6

  • Bundled app launching
    •  JavaApplicationStub replacement
      •  Stub source now checked in. More tools for bundling an app are coming.
      •  Stub and AWT reviewed for sandboxing
        •  need to fix JavaSound, launcher stub, and remove dependency on X11 libfreetype.

Features not in public macosx-port ("deploy" is private to Oracle). You'll have to trust us on these – deploy is not ready to be open-sourced.

  • Applets/Plugin2
    • Need to create .plugin bundle
      • Need to embed slimmed JRE into .plugin bundle
    •  Need NPAPI/Cocoa event -> Java event conversion
    • Need the LWAWT to render into NSOpenGLLayer (see above)
      • Need cross-process CALayer connection mechanism to be exposed
    •  Need to determine update mechanism (Sparkle.framework?)
    •  JavaFx support
  • Web Start
    • Need to determine delivery vehicle (inside Applet plug-in, or some other form) – Java Web will find javaws in the deployment bundle and execute that. Requires at least 10.7.3.
    •  Shortcut support
  •  Java Preferences 
    •  UI cleanup: Look better on Mac OS X
    •   Preference pane

Non-feature tasks


These features will not be ported to OpenJDK from the Apple Java SE 6 port

  • MacRoman default encoding
    • UTF-8 only, for all locales/languages
  • NSView-based AWT heavyweight widgets
    • LWAWT Swing-based widgets only
  • NSView-based JAWT embedding
    • CALayer embedding instead
  • CocoaComponent
    • Use CALayer-based JAWT embedding instead
  • SWT Carbon EventLoop support
    • No 32-bit only technologies, Cocoa only
  • JNI instantiation through the JavaVM.framework
    • Embed your own JRE instead
  • Apple JavaApplicationStub
    • Use the new JavaAppLauncher, loads an embedded .jre, JavaApplicationStub compatible
  • Apple native crypto
    • Use standard Java crypto
  • HotSpot Shared Archive Generation
    • Automatic JSA creation is of limited use until HotSpot supports class sharing in 64-bit, and in all garbage collectors
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