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Welcome to the OpenJDK BSD Port wiki.

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Some operating systems include packages of the BSD port. Some of them use OpenJDK 7, others use a backport of the BSD port to OpenJDK 6.

OpenJDK 6


There is an OpenJDK 6 package in the FreeBSD Ports collection called openjdk6.

Darwin/Mac OS X

There is an OpenJDK 6 package in MacPorts called openjdk6. To install it, after installing MacPorts, use sudo port install openjdk6 in the Terminal application.
If you do not see the openjdk6 port, try sudo port sync.

OpenJDK 7


There is an OpenJDK 7 package in the FreeBSD Ports collection called openjdk7.


There is an OpenJDK 7 package in the pkgsrc package collection for NetBSD/i386 and NetBSD/amd64
called openjdk7.

DragonFly BSD

The pkgsrc openjdk7 package is also available for the DragonFly BSD i386 arch.


There is an OpenJDK 7 package in the OpenBSD packages collection called jdk1.7.

Mac OS X

You will find unofficial packages of OpenJDK for Mac OS X (Snow Leopard) regulary built from sources, and the scripts used to build them on the projet openjdk-osx-build

Building from source

Mac OS X

Mac OS X 10.5 and Mac OS X 10.6, could be adapted from

Switching Current JDK

Instructions for switching the current version of java visible to the OS on [OpenBSD], [NetBSD], and Mac OS X.

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