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EMEA – Tuesday March 4th, 2014
Tuesday, March 4, 2014 at 9AM – 1PM GMT UTC / 10AM – 2PM CET (UTC+1) / 1PM – 5PM GST (UTC+4 hours)

(Check the World Time Converter for other time zone information)

Twitter Hashtag for the event: #OTNVDD

Register / Attend HERE

General Event Information

The virtual conference is an on-line environment where you hear and see session presentations, chat with attendees and staff during Virtual Box lab sessions, and participate in live discussions with subject matter experts. Sessions in the conference will start at the times specified in the agenda. Hands on labs will be prefaced by a short introduction session in the virtual conference environment, and then you will be given time to complete the lab.Based on the Track or sessions you take part in your instructions will vary please read on for more information.
Virtual Conference Platform Information

Virtual Conference general requirements Virtual Conference software requirements
  • True Broadband Connection (DSL or better),
  • Network access to ports 80 / 443
  • Operating System: Windows XP/7/Vista, or Mac OSX
  • Screen resolution should be higher than 1280x720 - e.g. 1366x768, or a similar 16:9 aspect
  • Browser: Safari 4, Firefox 3+, IE7,8+ with Pop-Up Blocker disabled
  • Computer with functioning headphones or speakers
  • (headphones recommended)
  • Flash Plug-in: 10+

Hands on Lab Setup Instructions -

Hands on Lab - Database Tracks

Hand On Lab Instructions - Big Data Tracks

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  1. May 05, 2014

    When I import OTN_Developer_Day_VM i get a error compressed image is corrupted.(veer_zip_corrupted).

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