Multi-platform Packaging for Layered Distros

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Welcome to the Update Center project's Image Packaging System for layered distributions!

If you're in one of the following roles and are interested in using the open source Image Packaging System - aka the pkg(5) system - to package, deliver and maintain your layered software distributions, you'll benefit from this site:

  • Project Leads: People making decisions about how to deliver and sustain their binary distributions
  • Package Maintainers: People creating and maintaining packages
  • Repository Maintainers: People maintaining the associated package repositories
  • Install Bundle Assemblers: People assembling and maintaining download and install bundles

First, check out the Screencasts for quick introductions to the Image Packaging System and how it can add value to your layered distributions.

OpenSolaris Developers
If you're interested in delivering packages for the OpenSolaris OS distribution, check out Contributing Packages information on and the set of pkg(5) tools that are included in the OpenSolaris distribution.


Features and Benefits






Using pkg(5) in Your Projects

Life Cycle

Producing Packages

Integrating pkg(5) Tools Into Your Distributions

Assembling Install Bundles

Mining Repository Usage Data

Community: Getting Help and Contributing

News - Blog


Documentation and Release Notes


Directory of Layered Package Repositories

Supporting Development Projects

Using pkg(5) in Sun Products

Using pkg(5) in Sun Layered Products
(Sun Only)

Confluence User's Guide
Plugins Available

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