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compiler tactics

  • delayed compilation
  • tiered compilation
  • on-stack replacement
  • delayed reoptimization
  • program dependence graph representation
  • static single assignment representation

speculative (profile-based) techniques

  • optimistic nullness assertions
  • optimistic type assertions
  • optimistic type strengthening
  • optimistic array length strengthening
  • untaken branch pruning
  • optimistic N-morphic inlining
  • branch frequency prediction
  • call frequency prediction

proof-based techniques

  • exact type inference
  • memory value inference
  • memory value tracking
  • constant folding
  • reassociation
  • operator strength reduction
  • null check elimination
  • type test strength reduction
  • type test elimination
  • algebraic simplification
  • common subexpression elimination
  • integer range typing

flow-sensitive rewrites

  • conditional constant propagation
  • dominating test detection
  • flow-carried type narrowing
  • dead code elimination

language-specific techniques

  • class hierarchy analysis
  • devirtualization
  • symbolic constant propagation
  • autobox elimination
  • escape analysis
  • lock elision
  • lock fusion
  • de-reflection

memory and placement transformation

  • expression hoisting
  • expression sinking
  • redundant store elimination
  • adjacent store fusion
  • card-mark elimination
  • merge-point splitting

loop transformations

  • loop unrolling
  • loop peeling
  • safepoint elimination
  • iteration range splitting
  • range check elimination
  • loop vectorization

global code shaping

  • inlining (graph integration)
  • global code motion
  • heat-based code layout
  • switch balancing
  • throw inlining

control flow graph transformation

  • local code scheduling
  • local code bundling
  • delay slot filling
  • graph-coloring register allocation
  • linear scan register allocation
  • live range splitting
  • copy coalescing
  • constant splitting
  • copy removal
  • address mode matching
  • instruction peepholing
  • DFA-based code generator
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