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Searching Help

Welcome to the new official Oracle wiki. This is a place for Oracle employees and non-employees to collaborate on information. 

Viewing content

All content on is open and public. All content is viewable by anyone. 

Logging in

To edit content, if you have edit access, or leave comments you must be logged into Wikis uses your standard Oracle Profile to log in. 

How to request a space

Only Oracle employees can request new spaces. To request a new space, click here (INTERNAL LINK). If you are not an employee, you can still have edit access to spaces. You just need to either contact the space owner, or leave a comment asking for edit access. 

Who can edit content in spaces on

Anyone with an Oracle Profile can edit content on However, non-employees will need to be granted access by the space owner first. 

What is allowed in spaces

As long as the content is for public consumption, any content related to Oracle products is allowed on PNG, JPG, GIF, PDF are the only file types allowed as attachments on, and only employees can post them. 

Requesting help

To request help with, please leave a comment below, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. If you are an employee, click here (INTERNAL LINK) for more information.

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The individuals who post here are part of the extended Oracle community and they might not be employed or in any way formally affiliated with Oracle. The opinions expressed here are their own, are not necessarily reviewed in advance by anyone but the individual authors, and neither Oracle nor any other party necessarily agrees with them.