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Editorial Guidelines for Wiki


  • The name of the community is GlassFish Community
  • The term Project GlassFish can refer to the effort / initiative that pushed the Java EE RI code into Open Source. It can also be used to refer to the Java.Net project named GlassFish (i.e.
  • The Application Server created by the GlassFish community can be called informally GlassFish AppServer or even GlassFish but beware that we may have to change this in the future, as GlassFish is the name of the community. This duality is also present in other projects like the Apache WebServer (officially Apache HTTPD Project) and JBoss.
  • The name of the Java Persistence API implementation is TopLink Essentials. If necessary, shorten it as TLE. TopLink is an Oracle product; we need not correct developers and users that misuse the term to refer to TLE, but in our postings we should use the corrent names.
  • The name GlassFish has an uppercase F. For example, GlassFish instead of Glassfish.
  • The version number is referred to with a lowercase v. For example, v2 or v3 instead of V2 or V3. Also use the lowercase v instead of the full word version. For example, use v3 instead of version 3. This usage is clearly not consistent on the wiki but should be followed when adding new content.
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