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Top Reasons to Leverage the GlassFish Community

The GlassFish Community delivers an Application Server, a JavaPersistence API Implementation, reusable Java EE 5 Maven Components, and a strong code base. Users and Partners have many reasons why to use these artifacts.


  1. GF is an Open Source, Community Based implementation of Java EE 5.
  2. Java EE 5 is a huge improvement over earlier J2EE versions (J1 Keynotes).
  3. GF is [Production

Quality|] and has very Good Performance.

  1. GF is used directly for the Reference Imlementation of Java EE 5.

The Community

  1. GF includes contributions from Sun, Oracle, TmaxSoft, and many others.
  2. GF Web Services stack is very good and it is getting faster and more capable.
  3. GF's Grizzly delivers top Web Tier performance and flexibility.
  4. GF has many goodies, including Java DB, based on Derby and Java Blueprints.
  5. GF is committed to your favorite framework.
  6. GF has Developer Support, Training and more.
  7. GF supports AJAX, Scripting.
  8. GF has platform and tool support for SOA, including JBI and BPEL.
  9. Many components are in the Maven Repository; and more soon.

Application Server

  1. GF has already affected AS Marketshare and is getting analyst attention (1, 2).
  2. GF is delivered in SJS AS 9.0, Java EE 5 SDK, and NetBeans 5.5.
  3. GF is the code base for the Sun Java System Application Server.
  4. GF V2 is incorporating (and improving) the enterprise features available today in SJS AS 8.x.
  5. GF code is by other groups like in JEUS 6

Java Persistence API Implementation

  1. GlassFish is at the forefront of JPA adoption through TopLink Essentials.
  2. TopLink Essentials is used in Sun's AS, JEUS 6, and TopLink.
  3. TopLink Essentials is the code base for the Reference Implementation of JavaPersistence API.

Commited to OpenSource

  1. We already released the First Milestone for GF V2.
  2. More Transparency, new Community Wiki.
  3. Phobos and jMaki blog

Above material adapted from Things You May Have Missed About GlassFish.
Earlier summaries of Project GlassFish include Why GlassFish? and Misconceptions about GlassFish.
In general, check TheAquarium for the latest news.

To Add from Nazrul's comment to the original blog: "See Also add Docs, migration tool, forum support, samples, tutorials, security, blogs"

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