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GlassFish Server Open Source Edition 3.2 - Service Meta Data and Orchestration


This project will focus on the Service Meta Data descriptor support and service provisioning and orchestration featureset provided through this component.

Single-click application provisioning and deployment of a PaaS application through service dependency discovery, service provisioning and service association.

Feature Overview

Technical Requirements

Feature List and Schedule

At this time, the rough schedule of feature-rollout is detailed here

Feature ID Priority Description Eng Response Owner(s) Estimate (Man Days) Source of Requirement JIRA Link   QA/Docs Handover?   Status / Comments

Out of Scope

Please see the "Out of Scope/Non-Requirements" section in the Technical Requirements Page

Design Document

One Pager


  • Link to Test Plan


  • Link to Documentation Plan


  • To be filled in as demos come up each milestone or as appropriate.


Milestone Schedule

At this time, the rough schedule of feature-rollout is detailed here

Item # Date/Milestone Feature-ID JIRA issue ID & link Description QA/Docs Handover? Status / Comments

Task List

Task Target Milestone Start End Date Owner(s) Feature ID Status / Comments



Dev Tests


Area When Notes

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