Running GlassFish V3 with Apache httpd via mod_proxy_ajp

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GlassFish Configuration

  • Create a mod_ajp enabled network listener
  • Restart GlassFish

Note : the above works with 3.1.2.  The trunk needs a jk-enabled http instead of network-listener. This will be supported in the future Grizzly version.

Apache Configuration

  • Install apache httpd server & mod_proxy_ajp (mod_proxy_ajp is built as part of apache httpd)
  • Edit httpd.conf to contain
  • Open confg/other/ajp.config and paste the following
  • Start Apache

Now any http://localhost:80 request will direct to GlassFish

If you need only redirect certain webapp (ex. hello), you can modify ajp.config

Now only http://localhost:80/hello request will direct to GlassFish hello application.

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