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GlassFish Community Publications

GlassFish Overview Article Updated June 2007 - 21 pages.

Abstract: ''The article explains the history behind GlassFish and why while being a recent project it already is a mature open source application server. It covers the many sub and sister projects from the JAX-WS/WSIT advanced web services stack to the Hudson continuous build system. Other projects include jMaki, Grizzly, Phobos, OpenMQ, and OpenESB. While spending some time on the main new Clustering feature in version 2, the article also touches on GlassFish v3's modularity, speed and openness to scripting containers such as Ruby, PHP, JavaScript and others.

Hopefully, you'll find answers to the following questions :''

  • Should I even care about Java EE 5?
  • Isn't GlassFish just a reference implementation? Is it really open source?
  • Can I use this in production?
  • Isn't it just a Sun project?
  • How do I get started? Who else is using it?
  • What kind of performance can I expect?
  • Any monitoring and management features available?
  • Anything really different in the way an application server is built?
  • Is there any support any for scripting languages (PHP, Ruby/RoR, ...)?
  • Can I buy support for GlassFish?
  • How safe is it to bet on this? Where is this all going?


  • Done: Japanese
  • In progress (help needed): German ([contact]), French ([contact]), Portuguese ([contact]), Spanish ([contact])
  • Wanted: all others! (send [us] a note)
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