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GlassFish Server Open Source Edition 3.1 - Proposed Build Improvements for

  • build external SNAPSHOT dependencies along with 3.1 builds.
  • promote external dependencies with 3.1.
  • SNAPSHOT timestamps - so that modules can be built independently.
  • eparate Maven repository to SNAPSHOT /nightly / weekly (promoted)
  • remove packager/distribution from 3.1 so that it builds/promotes independently. This is to resolve external module integration that has dependency on 3.1 artifacts. For example, scripting has a dependency on glassfish-api and if there are any changes in glassfish-api that scripting depends on, it needs to wait for glassfish-api to first be promoted then integrated in scripting. There's a week overhead before scripting gets bundled in packager/distribution.
  • mirror and tag all GF external projects (even Sun controlled ones). Currently we are mirroring the 3rd-party projects. This is so that we have better source control.

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