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Product Distributions Based on GlassFish

This page is intended to collect information on products that are related to, based on, are part of, or use Project GlassFish sources.


These are direct distributions of the code.

  • Open ESB 2.0 Beta - Open ESB 2.0 is JBI based SOA integration platform that runs on Glassfish. Some of the Core components (JBI runtime) of Open ESB is integral part of Glassfish. Open ESB is a true open integration platform that is built on open standard (JBI) that offers easy pluggability for ecosystem partners. It is also open source. It leverages many cool technologies of Glassfish such as WSIT.
  • Apusic Application Server - The Apusic Application Server is one of the leading AppServers in China that fully complies with the JavaEE 5.0 standard. Its JPA implementation comes from GlassFish.
  • TmaxSoft JEUS Application Server - TmaxSoft of Korea has developed a Java EE 5 application server with many of its underlying components coming from Project GlassFish.
  • Jetty - Jetty version 6 has switched to GlassFish's JSP 2.1 implementation. Here's a blog discussing this.

Products Working with GlassFish

These are products that are more loosely related

  • Other Sun Products Based on SJS AS
    • Java Enterprise System - The Java Enterprise System is a free enterprise grade middleware software stack. Many components of the Java Enterprise System , including the Sun Java System Application Server based on GlassFish, are already open sourced or in the process of being open sourced.
    • Portal Server - The Sun Java System Portal Server is a component of the Java Enterprise System that has now been open sourced and is a part of the growing GlassFish community.
    • Identity Server/Sun Java System Access Manager - Formerly known as Identity Manager, the Access Manager is a proven industry solution that runs on top of GlassFish. The Access Manager is a crucial technology enabling identity management to be incorporated in enterprises' web infrastructure.
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