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GlassFish v2 Update 2 Release

This Release was Delivered on 4/28/2008

Release Contents

Description Target Build Status
Original contents of 9.1 ur1 patch01 release RC1 Done
sysnet integration RC1 Done
Installer improvements for JCAPS RC1 Done
Integration of new Update Center functionality RC2 Done
License update RC2 Done
Registration company name fix RC2 Done
Inplace installation/upgrade fix RC3 Done
Update Center integration for copyright update RC3 Done
Source string incorrect for 9.1 UR2 RC3 Done
Update Center not providing sysnet UUID and bundle info for asadmin pings RC4 Done

Scope of Release (Goals)

GlassFish v2 Update 2 is a tightly constrained release to make the content of a patch externally distributable to developers and through NetBeans.


Task Due  
Review of changes 3/17 Done
Complete merge of bugs to UR2 Branch 3/18 Done
Release Candidate 1 3/19 Done
Release Candidate 2 3/27 Done
Release Candidate 3 4/5 Done
Release Candidate 4 4/11 Done
Final Testing 4/7-4/18 Done
Final Release 4/28/08 Done

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