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GlassFish v2 Update 1 Release

This Release was Delivered on 12/19/2007

Please see the What's New page for release information

Scope of Release (Goals)

GlassFish v2 Update 1 is a tightly constrained release to accommodate high priority bug fixes. Module Leads will be evaluating existing and incoming issues to see if they should be considered for integration into the release. The scope of the release is as follows:

Schedule Dates

Task Start Date End Date Status
M0 8/13/07 8/24/07  
M0 - Send email to module leads to get critical bugs     Completed
M0 - Setup Wiki Page     Completed
M0 - Setup Bug Queries     Completed
M0 - Layout Milestones & Schedule     Completed
M0 - Scrub Issues to see what bugs and RFEs will be addressed (ongoing)     Completed
M1: AIX Changes Incorporated 9/19/07 09/19/07 Completed
M2: Soft Code Freeze (All Approved Features Integrated) 11:59PM PST 10/30/07 11:59PM PST 10/30/07 Completed
M3: Hard Code Freeze (All Approved Bugs Fixed and Integrated). Only show stopper bugs that are found during final testing will be fixed and incorporated after this milestone 11:59PM PST 11/06/07 11:59PM PST 11/06/07 Completed
M3: HCF Final Build 11.59PM Pacific Time 11/13/07 11.59PM Pacific Time 11/13/07 Completed
M4: RR Release 12/18/07 12/19/07 Completed
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