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GlassFish Server Open Source Edition 3.1

Release Scope / Goals

Building on the modular, Java EE 6 based GlassFish Server Open Source Edition 3.0, version 3.1 is the next major release of GlassFish Server Open Source Edition. This release is currently under development and will focus on the following features:

  • Clustering and Centralized Administration
  • High Availability


Refer to roadmap slides and this blog for more details on GlassFish Server Open Source Edition roadmap.



Design Documents


Builds / Downloads

Quality Engineering

Bugs / Issues

Dev Tests






Please send us your feedback to GlassFish developer alias.

Sub Projects

Here are the list of sub-projects for GlassFish 3.1 release.

Sub-project page acts as a landing page for a specific module/area for GlassFish Server Open Source Edition 3.1 release. Each sub-project maintains detailed information about the project. For example,

  • Introduction
  • Scope / Features - Requirements being addressed and their priorities
  • Feature Overview - High level overview of the features
  • Design Document - Link to one-pager, high level technical details, etc.
  • Milestone Schedule - Features per milestone
  • Task List - Task list per milestone
  • Quality - Link to test plan, etc.
  • Documentation - Link to documentation, etc.
  • Dev Tests - Information about developer tests
  • References - Key links
  • Email Alias - Where discussions are taking place
  • etc.
Area Project Name Team Members Project Link
Clustering Infrastructure Basic Clustering Tom Mueller, Byron Nevins, Jennifer Chou, Bhakti Mehta Project
Clustering Infrastructure Config Tom Mueller, Byron Nevins, Jennifer Chou, Bhakti Mehta, Jerome Dochez Project
Clustering Infrastructure Synchronization Bill Shannon, Tom Mueller, Bhakti Mehta Project
Clustering Infrastructure Dynamic Reconfiguration Vijay Ramachandran, Jerome Dochez Project
Clustering Infrastructure Deployment Hong Zhang, Tim Quinn, Jerome Dochez Project
Clustering Infrastructure ACC Tim Quinn Project
Clustering Infrastructure Connectors, Pooling, Resources, JDBC Jagadish Ramu, Shalini Muthukrishnan Project
Clustering Infrastructure Security V B Kumar Jayanti, Nithya Subramanian, Tim Quinn Project
Clustering Infrastructure SSH Provisioning Joe Di Pol, Carla Mott, Rajiv Mordani Project
Clustering Infrastructure Transaction Recovery Marina Vatkina, Cheng Fang Project
Management API/Tools RESTful API Jason Lee, Ludovic Champenois, Mitesh Meswani Project
Management API/Tools JMX Support Prasad Subramanian Project
Management API/Tools Management Console Anissa Lam, Siraj Ghaffar, Ken Paulsen, Suma Sri Uppala, Srinivas Krishnan, Jason Lee Project
Serviceability Logging & Diagnostics Naman Mehta Project
Serviceability DAS Recovery Chris Kasso, Yamini K B, Srinivas Krishnan, Carla Mott Project
Product Delivery Installer Sathyan Catari Project
Product Delivery Packaging Snjezana Sevo-Zenzerovic Project
Product Delivery Upgrade Bobby Bissett Project
Product Delivery Build Jane Young, Jill Nakata Project
Clustering & Availability In-memory Replication (Shoal BackingStore) Mahesh Kannan, Joe Fialli, Stephen Dimilla Project
Clustering & Availability Runtime Clustering support (Shoal GMS) Joe Fialli, Bobby Bissett, Stephen Dimilla Project
Clustering & Availability Web Tier Rajiv Mordani, Shing-Wai Chan, Kin-Man Chung, Amelia Roh Project
Clustering & Availability EJB Tier Marina Vatkina, Cheng Fang, Mahesh Kannan Project
Clustering & Availability IIOP Clustering Ken Cavanaugh Project
Clustering & Availability JMS Clustering and HA Satish Kumar, Amy Kang, Nigel Deakin Project
Clustering & Availability Metro Marek Potociar, Jiandong Guo, Harold Carr Project
Clustering & Availability Loadbalancer Kshi tiz Saxena, Yamini K B Project
Globalization Globalization Georges Murr Project
Documentation Documentation Paul Davies Documentation Plan

Developer and Tooling

Area Project Name Team Members Project Link
Developer Tooling NetBeans Vince Kraemer, Ludovic Champenois Project
Developer Tooling Eclipse WTP Ludovic Champenois, Vince Kraemer Project
Embedded Embedded GlassFish Bhavanishankara Sapaliga Project
Developer Test Dev Test Framework Harshad Vilekar, Mathirajan Manoharan Project

Technology Refresh and Integration

We are considering to refresh and integrate updated versions in various technology areas.

Area Project Name Team Members Project Link
Technology Updates/Integration JavaServer Faces (JSF) Edward Burns, Roger Kitain, Sheetal Vartak Project
Technology Updates/Integration Grizzly Oleksiy Stashok, Justin Lee, Ryan Lubke Project
Technology Updates/Integration OSGi Sanjeeb Sahoo, Richard Hall Project
Technology Updates/Integration Persistence (JPA) Mitesh Meswani Project
Technology Updates/Integration Jersey Paul Sandoz, Jakub Podlesak, Pavel Bucek Project
Technology Updates/Integration Contexts and Dependency Injection (JSR 299) Sivakumar Thyagarajan Project
Technology Updates/Integration Bean Validation (JSR 303) Edward Burns Project
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