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Information on GlassFish Modules and Leads

This page is the central repository for information on Modules and Leads.
If you are a module lead, please login and add your module information to this list.

Contact the GlassFish Community Manager for any help in this regard.

Module Bug Sub Category Module Lead
Administrative Command Line Interface command_line_interface Jane Young
Administration Infrastructure admin Tom Mueller
Administration GUI admin_gui Anissa Lam
AMX amx Prasad Subramanian
Ant other Prasad Subramanian
Application Client Container standalone_client Tim Quinn
Build System build_system Dinesh Patil
Classloaders other Sivakumar Thyagarajan
Configuration configuration Prashanth Abbagani
Connectors jca Jagadish Ramu
Container Managed Persistence cmp Mitesh Meswani
Database (Java DB etc.) jdbc Lance Andersen
Deployment deployment Hong Zhang (Tim Quinn, acting lead until ~12/15)
Diagnostic Service admin Muhammad Siraj, Sreenivas Munnangi
Documentation Docs Paul Davies
Dynamic Reconfiguration admin Sreenivas Munnangi
EJB Container ejb_container Mahesh Kannan
Entity Persistence (EJB 3.0) entity-persistence Peter Krogh
Facelets   Jacob Hookom
Group Management Service group_management_service Shreedhar Ganapathy
HADB Integration persistence_storage Byron Nevins
HADB Administration hadb_admin Byron Nevins
HTTP Load Balancer load_balancer Pankaj Jairath
HTTP Load Balancer Admin admin Prashanth Abbagani
ICU Integration load_balancer  
Installer installer Sathyan Catari, Snjezana Sevo-Zenzerovic
Jakarta* web_container Jean-Francois Arcand
JavaHelp other Anissa Lam
JBI Integration Mark White, Mike Wright
JDBC jdbc Shalini Muthukrishnan
JDMK Integration admin Sreenivas Munnangi
jMaki user interface components Carla Mott
JSF Use Issue tracker for JSF project on Ryan Lubke
JSF-Extensions   Ed Burns
JSFTemplating Use JSFTemplating Issue Tracker Ken Paulsen
WS Integration web_services Vijay Ramachandran
Launcher admin Byron Nevins
Lifecycle Modules lifecycle_modules  
Lockhart Integration admin_gui Senthil Chidambram
Logging logging  
Migration Tool Migrate2glassfish Sekhar Vajjhala
Monitoring monitoring Siraj Ghaffar
MQ Integration jms Ramesh Parthasarathy, Linda Schneider
NSS Integration security Dinesh Patil
On-Demand Initialization admin Binod P G
ORB orb Ken Cavanaugh
Packaging packaging Prasad Subramanian
RMI/IIOP Failover rmi-iiop_failover Sheetal
RMI/IIOP Load Balancer rmi_iiop_load_balancer Sheetal Vartak
Sample Applications sample_apps Sreenivas Munnangi
Schema2Beans configuration Prashanth Abbagani
Security security Ron Monzillo, VB Kumar, Shing-Wai Chan
Self Management TBD Sankara Rao, Pankaj Jairath
Session Persistence persistence_storage Larry White
Synchronization admin Nazrul Islam
Transactions jts Marina Vatkina
Update Center sv96363 Satish Viswanatham, Snjezana Sevo-Zenzerovic
Upgrade Tool upgrade_tool Bobby Bissett
Verifier verifier Sanjeeb Sahoo
Web Container web_container Rajiv Mordani, Shing-Wai Chan
Web Services web_services Harold Carr, Jitendra Kotamraju, Jerome Dochez
Web Services Management web_services_mgmt Satish Viswanatham
Woodstock User Interface Components Richard Spellman

From Old Wikis (Awaiting Consolidation)

Module Bug Sub Category Module Lead
activation : JavaBeans Activation Framework TBD Bill Shannon
mail : JavaMail API TBD Bill Shannon
deployment-api : J2EE Deployment API (JSR 88) TBD TBD
transaction-api : Java Transaction API TBD TBD
servlet-api : Java Servlet API/JSP API TBD <a href="">Jan Luehe</a>
ejb-api : Enterprise JavaBeans API TBD <a href="">Mahesh Kannan</a>
persistence-api : Persistence API (JSR 220) TBD Marina Vatkina
connector-api : Java Connector Architecture TBD <a href="">Binod P G</a>
management-api : J2EE Management API (JSR 77) TBD <a href="">Hans Hrasna</a>
jms-api : Java Message Service API TBD TBD
jacc-api : Java Authorization Contract for Containers TBD TBD
common-util : Common Utility classes sharable across multiple projects TBD TBD
annotation-framework : Annotation framework TBD <a href="">Hong Zhang</a>
appserv-commons : Common classes for application server TBD All Module Owners
jmx-remote : JMX Remote connector using HTTP TBD <a href="">Nandini Ektare</a>
jts : Java Transaction Service TBD TBD
pwc-commons : Common classes for Production Web Container TBD <a href="">Jan Luehe</a>
appserv-webtier : Servlet/JSP Container TBD <a href="">Jan Luehe</a>
webtier-extensions : Tensions to classes in appserv-webtier TBD <a href="">Jan Luehe</a>
jacc-provider : JACC Provider Implementation TBD TBD
container-auth : Container Auth TBD TBD
appserv-core : Core Modules TBD All Core Module Owners
appserv-core/..ejb : EJB Container TBD <a href="">Mahesh Kannan</a>
appserv-core/..web : Web Container TBD <a href="">Jan Luehe</a> <a href="">Jean-Francois Arcand</a>
appserv-core/..iiop : IIOP TBD <a href="">Ken Cavanaugh</a> Harold Carr (ID?)
appserv-core/..transaction : Transaction TBD <a href="">Sankara Rao</a>
appserv-core/..loader : Classloaders TBD <a href="">Sivakumar Thyagarajan</a>
appserv-core/..connectors : Connectors TBD <a href="">Sivakumar Thyagarajan</a>
appserv-core/..webservice : JWSDP Integration TBD Vijay Ramachandran (ID?)
appserv-core/..deployment : Deployment Backend TBD <a href="">Hong Zhang</a>
appserv-core/..server : Server Startup TBD <a href="">Binod P G</a>
appserv-core/ : Security TBD <a href="">Shing-Wai Chan</a> Ron Monzillo (ID?)
appserv-core/..logging : Logging TBD <a href="">Dinesh Patil</a>
appserv-core/..appclient : Application Client Container TBD <a href="">Tim Quinn</a>
appserv-core/..diagnostics : Diagnostics TBD Manisha Umbarje (ID?)
appserv-core/..admin : Admin Infrastructure, Dynamic Reconfig TBD <a href="">Kedar Mhaswade</a> <a href="">Alexandre Kravtchenko</a>
appserv-core/..selfmanagement : Self Management TBD <a href="">Sankara Rao</a>
cmp : CMP Implementation TBD Marina Vatkina
entity-persistence : Java Persistence Implementation TBD Marina Vatkina
appserv-http-engine : HTTP Connector (Grizzly) TBD <a href="">Jean-Francois Arcand</a>
appserv-docs : Docs TBD <a href="">Paul Davies</a>
jdbcra : Resource adapter for integrating JDBC drivers into the appserver TBD <a href="">Jagadish Ramu</a>
tools : Application Server Tools - Upgrade Tool, etc. TBD Prasad Subramaniam (ID?)
avk : Static verification tool for J2EE application TBD <a href="">Sanjeeb Sahoo</a>
appserv-tests : test module TBD <a href="">Jagadesh Munta</a>
admin/ws-mgmt : Web Services Management TBD <a href="">Satish Viswanatham</a> <a href="">Harpreet Singh</a>
admin-core/mbeanapi : Application Server Management Extensions (AMX) TBD <a href="">Lloyd Chambers</a>
admin/mbeanapi-impl : Application Server Management Extensions Impl (AMX) TBD <a href="">Lloyd Chambers</a>
admin-core/monitor : Monitoring Interfaces TBD <a href="">Siraj Ghaffar</a> <a href="">Kedar Mhaswade</a>
admin/monitor : Monitoring Impl, Call Flow TBD <a href="">Siraj Ghaffar</a> <a href="">Harpreet Singh</a> Ram Jeyaraman (ID?)
admin-core/admin, jsr77,util : Admin Infrastructure Common Classes TBD <a href="">Kedar Mhaswade</a>
admin/servermgmt, mbeans, templates, util : Admin Infrastructure TBD <a href="">Kedar Mhaswade</a>
admin-core/config-api : Config API TBD <a href=""><a href="">Alexandre Kravtchenko</a></a>
admin/validator : Configuration Validation TBD <a href="">Alexandre Kravtchenko</a>
admin/backup : Repository Backup and Restore TBD <a href="">Byron Nevins</a>
admin-cli : Application Server Command Line Interface TBD <a href="">Prashanth Abbagani</a> <a href="">Jane Young</a> <a href="">Kedar Mhaswade</a>

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