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Open Source Middleware Communities Related to Project GlassFish

Project GlassFish is part of a collection of Open Source Middleware Communities; all these communities are intended to work well together but, in the usual Open Source tradition, we encourage pluggability and reuse across many other communities and projects.

Communities Directly Related

These Open Source Communities have direct code dependencies, reuse components, and coordinate architecturaly.

  • Project GlassFish - An Enterprise Quality, Open Source Java EE 5 Application Server. Affiliated projects include
    • jMaki - Encapsulation for JavaScript widgets
    • Project Phobos - Infrastructure for Server-Side Scripting
  • Portal - Building an Enterprise-Quality Portal. Projects include
  • OpenDS - Building a free and comprehensive next generation directory service
  • OpenESB - Building Next Generation Integration Platform. Built on JBI architecture, includes Glassfish as runtime, NetBeans as design time, BPEL SE, XSLT SE, Http BC, JDBC BC, JMS BC and many more components. A true open integration platform that offers easy integration framework for ISVs. More than everything its open source.
  • OpenSSO - Core identity services for single sign-on and more; includes Access Manager and Federation.
  • MQ - Open Message Queue.

Other Communities

These communities have fewer linkages. – TBD

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