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This information is obsolete. Please disregard.

GlassFish Wiki Migration FAQ (July 2010)

What is this about?

The GlassFish Wiki migrated from JSPWiki to confluence running on wikis.sun.com on July 4th 2010. See July2010WikiMigration

Why the migration?

Better uptime, ran by a dedicated team, better security, better wiki engine (Confluence)

My page(s) look like crap, what can I do?

Please read the GlassFish Wiki Migration - Known Issues page and try to fix this yourself by editing the page.

Is there a mapping between the old and the new url?

All the old pages are disabled.

I'm an Oracle employee and need edit privileges, where do I apply for them (and make sure I'm recognized as an employee)?

Contact Ed Bratt: ebratt@java.net to obtain write permission.

I can't edit a wiki page, why?

You may have to explicitly ask permission to do so.

There are missing pages from the original wiki? Where are they and can I get them migrated too?

The old wiki site is fully retired. All pages should now be in the new wiki.

Where is the guide for Confluence wiki syntax?

https://wikis.sun.com/renderer/notationhelp.action (and the vital subset is shown on every page you edit)

What about the http://wiki.glassfish.java.net URL, when will it redirect to the new wiki?

Soon, once we're happy with the content of the new wiki and don't need to go back to older content to help fine tune the format of the content. Please use the http://wiki.glassfish.java.net domain name for older content. Other domain names (such as wikis.glassfish.org) now have a top-level redirect to the new Wiki home.

I've lost attachments in the migration, how do I get them back?

All content, including attachments are still on the original wiki (for a limited time you can still use http://wiki.glassfish.java.net/attach/.. ). Wikis.sun.com has a limit of 5MB attachments. Anything above that limit was not migrated and should be posted somewhere else (youtube for videos, slidecast for slides, etc...). GlassFish Wiki Migration - Known Issues has the list of the attachments beyond 5MB.

The attachments with .html extensions are not rendered but rather downloaded when one clicks on them

wikis.sun.com doesn't support rendering any kind of html that was directly entered by a user as raw html. This is because of all kinds of security issues (XSS, CSRF) that would such a feature expose the entire site to.

I still have questions or comments, how do I share them?

Please use the Contact Form

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