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GlassFish Versions

This page contains information on how to map a Sun App Server version to a GlassFish version

  • AS 9.0 --> Glassfish v1
  • AS 9.1 --> Glassfish v2
  • AS 9.1 UR1 (aka AS 9.1.0_01) --> Glassfish v2 UR1
  • AS 9.1 UR2 (aka AS 9.1.0_02) --> Glassfish v2 UR2
  • AS 9.1 UR2 p06 (aka Sun Glassfish Enterprise Server v2.1) --> Glassfish v2.1

The name changed came in AS 9.1 UR2 p06, SunJava System App Server was rebranded as Sun Glassfish Enterprise Server. From that point on, Glassfish open source and Glassfish (Sun's) commercial version are equivalent.

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