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GlassFish v1 UR 1


GlassFish v1 UR1 (aka AS 9.0 UR1) is an update release focusing on bug fixes only. There is no plan to add features to this release.
In addition, bug fixes should not require major architectural changes.
Also see blog entry


  • Address important issues affecting <nop>NetBeans and Creator
  • Address Customer escalations
  • Address important release noted bugs that do not have any workaround.
  • Address critical bugs that came in after the final build.
  • Address bugs that will generate unnecessary support calls (or forum posts). For example, incorrect error messages or exception traces logged at an inappropriate log level.

Release information

GlassFish v1 UR1 is now released, Build 14 was used to release the bits to the tools and the Java EE SDK.
The list of fixes that went in this release are :

Issue Tracker Bugs

List of Issue Tracker bugs fixed UR1

Bugtraq Bugs

Bugs with IT in their synopsis are Issue Tracker bugs that were duplicated in our internal Bugtracking system to comply with our management tools.



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