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GlassFish User FAQ

This User FAQ lists frequently asked questions related to the use of the GlassFish application server. In true wiki and open source fashion, this is a community effort. Help fill in the blanks, add new FAQs, and generally make this a valuable resource for you and other GlassFish users. For FAQs related to the development of GlassFish, see the GlassFish Developer FAQ.
This is a community resource. The success and usefulness of this FAQ depends on you. Please help by contributing new FAQs and updating and enhancing existing ones.

How to Contribute

For starters, add answers to questions for which answers are needed, listed in the User FAQ Wish List section. Also add new questions and answers of your own. Be sure to read How do I contribute to this User FAQ?, which contains guidelines about content and format. Nothing too restrictive, just some things we should all pay attention to.

If you're new to wiki, see the One Minute Wiki and Text Formatting Rules. To test things out, try the Sand Box. And as always, remember your Wiki Etiquette.

If you have questions or suggestions about this FAQ, please contact You can subscribe to the list from the GlassFish mailing lists page.

Translation into other languages is also needed. See Translating User and Developer FAQs for details. The User FAQ is currently available in Japanese and Chinese. Translation into Russian, Italian, and Spanish is also underway.

Table of Contents

General Topics

Specific Topics

About GlassFish

About GlassFish Portfolio

About GlassFish v3

About GlassFish v3 preview releases

About GlassFish v2

About GlassFish v2 UR1

Community and Contribution

Documentation and Resources

Registration and Support


Applications - Ajax

Applications - General

Applications - Java EE 5

for GlassFish to access NetBeans jar files?|FaqAccessNetBeansJarFiles]

Applications - Web

Applications - Web Services

Clustering and High Availability


Connection Pools


Error Messages

Installation and Migration


Monitoring and JMX







Update Center

User FAQ Wish List

What's missing? What questions would you like to see answered that aren't? What are the top issues you run into for which having an FAQ would be
especially helpful? Please add those questions to this wish list! And if you know the answer to one or more of these questions, please provide it. Help make this a useful resource – for the community, by the community.

Questions for which answers are needed:

  • [What 64-bit platforms are supported? Does that include all features such as HADB and load balancer?]
  • [Is it possible to make GlassFish (HTTP/EJB/JMS services) work behind a router? If so, how?]
  • [How do I configure a cluster and load balancer for a WAR file or EAR? Is there a simple application I can test with?]
  • [How do I add a JDBC connection pool?]
  • [What is the difference between in-memory replication and HADB? When should I use one over the other?]
  • [How do I enable the GlassFish JVM for JMX monitoring?]
  • [How do I deploy Mbeans?]
  • [How can I minimize resource (memory) use?]
  • [How do I enable access logging?]
  • [How can I manage users and roles for HTTP Basic Authentication?]
  • [Is it possible to add user Web-files to the GlassFish? If so, how?]
  • At the time of starting glassfish v2ur server i am getting the errors like ide timeout,port conflicts,domain.xml to be corrected manually,invalid installation.may i know the solution to these problems.

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