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Principles of the Project GlassFish Community

These principles are intended to be common to all projects in the community. They will eventually lead to a specific governance for all projects, but starting with principles allows us to focus on what we are trying to acheive, instead of going deep into the mechanism.

Please add notes as comments, thanks, - Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart

  • Deliver Industry-Leading AppServer Technology to Marketplace
    • Technology will be fully competitive in Marketplace
    • Technology is sufficient to be fully competitive (no secret sauce)
  • Community-Centered
    • Foster Community Participation in all parts of the Development Process
    • Focused in making users of the code base (and derivated products) more productive
  • Encourage Growth of the Community
    • Increase Adoption of this Code Base
    • Increase Contributors to the Community
    • Increase Recognition of the Contributions by the community
  • Transparency
    • Roadmaps, Bugs, Features, Architectural Documents are publically available
    • Customer Data is excepted due to confidentiality issues
    • Security Bugs can be treated specially
    • Governance must be well articulated (yeah, I know we don't do that yet)
  • Continous Processes
    • Milestones will be usable as soon as possible so customers can use them, be more productive, and can provide feedback towards a better product.
  • Participatory
    • Contributions that are consistent with the principles are to be encouraged
    • Contributors are to be encouraged
    • Partners are to be encouraged
  • Integrated and Integrateable
    • Code base is to be integrated with other middleware components listed in [OtherCommunities]
    • Code base is to be reused in as many other contexts as reasonable
    • We will, within reason, adjust code base to make it more resuable
  • Lightweight, Easy Adoption
    • We want to encourage use of our products. We want to deliver good initial experience, "pay for what you use".
  • Partner-Centered
    • Create win-win opportunities around (portions of) the code base
  • Open Standards and Open Source
    • Currently under CDDL License (OSI, faq)
    • Provides Java EE Reference Implementation (which has legal implications due to Sun legal commitments to its licensees)
    • Implementations are to be compliant with the applicable specifications (including but not exclusively, JCP specifications)
    • Some Code under ASL and other licenses (but see above)
  • Copyrights
    • Sun needs to be (one of) copyright owners (see Why SCA)

To Add

  • "Competitive" really should say "industry leading", as the rest...
  • Do we need to explain why we are no joining existing projects?
  • May want to classify this into areas, like Community, Architectural,...
  • Need to include something about the collaboration principles. In particular
    • We recognize the value of inter-personal relationships in building effective teams.
  • Need to recognize the special role that committers play.
  • Need to spell out that all projects should have the same governance

– EduardoPelegriLlopart

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