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Using Technology From GlassFish

This page collects public sightings of GlassFish artifacts, including Sites, IDEs, AppServers and more. Only public information is used here; for example, at Sun I (epll) know of many customers usig the SJS AS 9.x distributions, but I can't post them without their consent, and often getting that consent turns into a very long experience, so... Often GlassFish is used behind Apache (or IIS); we need to figure out how to recognize these configurations.

Please keep each entry to one line.

Externally Visible Sites

I verify pinging the site with NetCraft whenever possible.

Internal Sites and Second Hand Reports of Sites

We know about these, but dont' have an external URL for any of several possible reasons.

  • Sophisticated industrial app reported in this comment in Tim's blog.

Kicking the Tires

This section is mostly so we remember to go check them out periodically and moved from kick-the-tires to real use.

Previews of Future Adoption

IDEs, Tools

  • [NetBeans 5.5|^NetBeans5.5]
  • [MyEclipse]
  • [IDEA]
  • Qwickr
  • YourKit

App Servers, Web Servers, et al.

Incomplete, need to update.

  • [SJS AS 9.x|^SJSAS9.x] - Full Distribution from Sun
  • [Java EE SDK] - Bundle
  • [JEUS] - Uses several packages [bloglink]
  • [SpringFrameworks] - Uses TopLinkEssentials [bloglink]
  • Jetty - blog
  • LifeRay - Portal server pre-bundled with Glassfish and supports JSR 168


Other Adoption Metrics

Random metrics to show adoption of GlassFish Artifacts

Analyst and Other Reports


GlassFish For School

GlassFish visual collateral

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