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In the process of migrating from the existing jspwiki infrastructure that powers to (confluence) using a migration tool a number of limitations were identified.
This is a list of known issues and how to fix them. Every page moved over to has links at the bottom for its old and new location to easily fix things that didn't go well during the migration.

Known limitations

These limitations are known and not considered as show-stoppers :

history not preserved

check out old wiki for that

attachments are limited in size to 5MB

use YouTube for screencasts, for presentations and other files elsewhere. See list below for the AppServer wiki.

no sortable table

absolute links

absolute link to attachments hosted on jspwiki will be preserved as is and break when the redirect is in place. If the attachment is less than 5MB it was also migrated and the link should be updated.

left-over JSPWiki Authorization macros

need to manually remove {ALLOW ...} instructions used for authorization in several jspwiki pages

existing JSPWiki macros

no migration for the following JSPWiki macros: UnusedPagesPlugin, INSERT IndexPlugin ..., INSERT com.ecyrd.jspwiki.plugin.RecentChangesPlugin ..., INSERT CurrentTimePlugin ... (but Confluence has equivalent tooling)

Single initial author

all pages will initially show as been authored by the same use user (the one used for the migration process)

Syntax migration known issues

Id. Issue original jspwiki syntax generated bogus markup & solution
1 jspwiki page name aliasing a jspwiki link to default-config resolves to a page called DefaultConfig if default-config does not exist link to non-existing page.
You'll need to edit the link manually
2 ~UWC_TOKEN appearing in generated markup

manually replace bogus long string with $ (or any other character). The migration tool considers this as a macro and tries to interpret it. As a general rule, using


around the initial wiki code should also work

3 slash replaced with dash in URLs
(in tables only?)

change manually

4 missing closing {panel}   manually add closing {panel}
it's also a good idea to consider removing the {panel} section altogether
5 tabs not supported by migration tool
[{InsertPage page=...}]
you should manually write the tabs using this notation:
  {tab:title=Title of tab #1}
    Content of tab #1 in _wiki_ format, including other macros.
    {include:Sample Include Page}
  {tab:title=Title of tab #2}
    Content of tab #2 in _wiki_ format, including other macros.

details here

6 HTML and CSS formatting not supported by Confluence jspwiki can render some HTML code as is. Prefer
{{code of any sort}}

to the use of HTML's \<pre\>

in Confluence, you have to use the wiki syntax
For code simply use this tag:

7 Horizontal bar needs not rendered {----} is not rendered if not on a single dedicated line use {----} on its own line
8 Strike-through not supported
use the Confluence notation :

9 jspwiki %%collapse .... %% not migrated to Confluence's expand
**[Sub-menu #1]
**[Sub-menu #2]
[Sub-menu #1]
[Sub-menu #2]

details here

10 mailto: not recognized
Links to email addresses should simply use

otherwise the email address is interpreted as an attachment.

11 Insert page syntax
[{InsertPage page=ScenariosIntegratingDistros}]
12 Table of Content
{TableOfContents title=' '}

details here

13 HTML attachments attachments with .html extensions are not rendered
but rather downloaded when one clicks on them. doesn't support rendering any kind of html that was directly entered by a user as raw html. This is because of all kinds of security issues (XSS, CSRF) that would such a feature expose the entire site to.

Preserving the left menu

Simply rename the "LeftMenu" page to ".left-section" (and adjust collapse/expand if needed).

Large attachments

This is the list of large (more than 5MB) and recent (less than 1 year-old) attachments for the GlassFishWiki (these files remain available from the old wiki) :

    3353422 Jul 17  2009 appserver/attachments/DeveloperTestDashboard-att/
    3354857 Jul 17  2009 appserver/attachments/DeveloperTestDashboard-att/
    3352254 Jul 17  2009 appserver/attachments/DeveloperTestDashboard-att/
    166553600 Jul 17  2009 appserver/attachments/DeveloperTestDashboard-att/jboss-seam-2.1.1.GA.tar-dir/1.tar
    11438636 Jul 17  2009 appserver/attachments/DeveloperTestDashboard-att/jboss-seam-jpa.war-dir/1.war
    15035341 Jul 17  2009 appserver/attachments/DeveloperTestDashboard-att/
    15026991 Jul 17  2009 appserver/attachments/DeveloperTestDashboard-att/
    15025830 Jul 17  2009 appserver/attachments/DeveloperTestDashboard-att/
    5990401 Oct 14  2009 appserver/attachments/JavaEE6TutorialCDI-att/JAVAEE6TUTV1.pdf-dir/1.pdf
    6114176 Nov 18  2009 appserver/attachments/JavaEE6TutorialCDI-att/JAVAEE6TUTV1.pdf-dir/2.pdf
    6109203 Dec  3 07:12 appserver/attachments/JavaEE6TutorialCDI-att/JAVAEE6TUTV1.pdf-dir/3.pdf
    5562334 Dec  9 12:57 appserver/attachments/JavaEE6TutorialVol1-att/JavaEETutorial.pdf-dir/1.pdf
    15050790 Jul 19  2009 appserver/attachments/Screencasts-att/
    20628302 Jul 19  2009 appserver/attachments/Screencasts-att/
    19687226 Jul 19  2009 appserver/attachments/Screencasts-att/
    9147792 Jul 19  2009 appserver/attachments/Screencasts-att/
    7801388 Jul 19  2009 appserver/attachments/Screencasts-att/
    7859504 Jul 19  2009 appserver/attachments/Screencasts-att/
    31777885 Jul 19  2009 appserver/attachments/Screencasts-att/
    56156175 Jul 19  2009 appserver/attachments/Screencasts-att/
    33933448 Jul 19  2009 appserver/attachments/Screencasts-att/
    21877226 Jul 19  2009 appserver/attachments/Screencasts-att/
    2614392 Sep 25  2009 appserver/attachments/UsageScenarios-att/gfv2_domain1_empty.tar.gz-dir/1.gz
    2615565 Sep 25  2009 appserver/attachments/UsageScenarios-att/gfv2_empty_u.tar.gz-dir/1.gz
    16979066 Sep 25  2009 appserver/attachments/UsageScenarios-att/gfv3p_domain1_empty.tar.gz-dir/1.gz
    3454810 Sep 25  2009 appserver/attachments/UsageScenarios-att/v2_1_empty_u.tar.gz-dir/1.gz
    3462507 Sep 25  2009 appserver/attachments/UsageScenarios-att/v2_1_jsp.tar.gz-dir/1.gz
    3459137 Sep 25  2009 appserver/attachments/UsageScenarios-att/v2_1_jsp_u.tar.gz-dir/1.gz
    2622700 Sep 25  2009 appserver/attachments/UsageScenarios-att/v2_jsp.tar.gz-dir/1.gz
    2624028 Sep 25  2009 appserver/attachments/UsageScenarios-att/v2_jsp.tar.gz-dir/2.gz
    2619255 Sep 25  2009 appserver/attachments/UsageScenarios-att/v2_jsp_u.tar.gz-dir/1.gz
    2619853 Sep 25  2009 appserver/attachments/UsageScenarios-att/v2_jsp_u.tar.gz-dir/2.gz
    2624928 Sep 25  2009 appserver/attachments/UsageScenarios-att/v2_web_ejb.tar.gz-dir/1.gz
    2629822 Sep 25  2009 appserver/attachments/UsageScenarios-att/v2_web_ejb.tar.gz-dir/2.gz
    2627736 Sep 25  2009 appserver/attachments/UsageScenarios-att/v2_web_ejb_u.tar.gz-dir/1.gz
    16978766 Sep 25  2009 appserver/attachments/UsageScenarios-att/v3p_empty_u.tar.gz-dir/1.gz
    16983958 Sep 25  2009 appserver/attachments/UsageScenarios-att/v3p_jsp.tar.gz-dir/1.gz
    16987657 Sep 25  2009 appserver/attachments/UsageScenarios-att/v3p_jsp.tar.gz-dir/2.gz
    16983339 Sep 25  2009 appserver/attachments/UsageScenarios-att/v3p_jsp_u.tar.gz-dir/1.gz
    16986205 Sep 25  2009 appserver/attachments/UsageScenarios-att/v3p_jsp_u.tar.gz-dir/2.gz
    3353422 Jul 17  2009 appserver/attachments/V3UpgradeDashboard-att/
    3354857 Jul 17  2009 appserver/attachments/V3UpgradeDashboard-att/
    3352254 Jul 17  2009 appserver/attachments/V3UpgradeDashboard-att/
    166553600 Jul 17  2009 appserver/attachments/V3UpgradeDashboard-att/jboss-seam-2.1.1.GA.tar-dir/1.tar
    11438636 Jul 17  2009 appserver/attachments/V3UpgradeDashboard-att/jboss-seam-jpa.war-dir/1.war
    3446785 Aug 24  2009 appserver/attachments/V3UpgradeDashboard-att/macos_domain1.tar.gz-dir/1.gz
    15035341 Jul 17  2009 appserver/attachments/V3UpgradeDashboard-att/
    15026991 Jul 17  2009 appserver/attachments/V3UpgradeDashboard-att/
    15025830 Jul 17  2009 appserver/attachments/V3UpgradeDashboard-att/
    3448362 Aug 24  2009 appserver/attachments/V3UpgradeDashboard-att/sparc_domain1.tar.gz-dir/1.gz
    77760528 Oct 30  2009 appserver/attachments/VinceKraemer-att/


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