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GlassFish Server Open Source Edition 4.0 - Admin Infrastructure


This project will focus on the administration infrastructure area of GlassFish which includes the CLI, SSH, configuration, etc. Complete details about this area are available on the GlassFish Administration Pages.

Feature Overview

The following features are being considered:

Feature List and Schedule

These features are available via this JIRA query .  NOTE: if there are differences in the data between the JIRA query and this table, the information in JIRA counts.

Feature ID Priority Description Eng Response Owner(s) Estimate (Man Days) Source of Requirement JIRA Link QA/Docs Handover? Status / Comments
Admin Command Progress Status P1 Support status reporting from long running admin commands   Chris   Derived from PaaS 12032
Improved OS service integration P2 Improve the integration between OS services and the GlassFish server control commands   Byron   Eng. 16311    
DCOM Clustering for Windows P2 Support centralized cluster admin on Windows without installing cygwin or MKS.   Byron, Joe   Eng. 16248   DONE (in 3.1.2 and 4.0)
JVM-specific JVM options P2 Better support for JRockit JVM options (JDK-aware JVM options)   Tom   Eng 16247    
Accept multiple certs for admin authentication P2     Tim   Eng 16437    
Better support for ActionReport P2     Tom   Eng 15276    
set/get/list rewrite P2     Tom   Eng 15458
install-node: perform installs in parallel P2     Yamini   Eng 13460    
Config bean validation improvement P2     Bhakti   Eng 14984    
Provide metrics about feature usage P3     Joe   Eng 16258    
Ensure that admin traffic from other servers is in fact from the same domain P3     Tim   Eng 16438    
Create a unique "domain ID" shared by and accessible to all servers in the domain P3     Tom   Eng 16439    
Update Center Improvements P2-P3     Joe, Chris   Eng See query    
FindBugs P2 Achieve FindBugs project goal for the admin infrastructure area   Everyone   Eng None   DONE

Other Admin Infrastructure Tasks

P1: Must Have
  • 3.1 Fit and Finish (Everyone)
    • Bug fixes (see dashboard ) (48 admin bugs, 36 P1-P3, 112 issues overall, 56 unscrubbed, 26 of those are bugs, bugster is unknown)
    • Dev Tests for areas where we have gaps or where bugs were reported (ex. restart required - issue 13213, set/get, monitoring, ssh - offline config, create-xyz, etc.) (2 weeks)
      • Currently have 2075 (need 200-300 set/get, 50-100 tests for restart required, 3000 more for monitoring, 100 for ssh, 20 for backup/restore)
P3: Not Planned for 4.0
  • Misc Improvements
    • Ability to removed unused services - minimal domain (issue 1063)
    • Restart required warning - issue 14925
    • Injection of state from main to supplemental commands - issue 13711
    • create-domain use embedded APIs - issue 14711
  • Monitoring Improvements
    • Support for call flow using Monitoring Scripting Client (related issues: 5979, 4279)
    • Any other PaaS monitoring
    • Monitoring graphing on UI
    • Monitoring performance work
    • Describe monitoring probes using XML

Related Sub Projects:

Out of Scope

Design Document

There isn't any single design document for these features.  The design information for the feature is available via the link in the row for the feature. 


  • Link to Test Plan


  • Link to Documentation Plan


  • To be filled in as demos come up each milestone or as appropriate.


Milestone Schedule

Item # Date/Milestone Feature-ID JIRA issue ID & link Description QA/Docs Handover? Status / Comments

Task List

Task Target Milestone Start End Date Owner(s) Feature ID Status / Comments



Dev Tests


Area When Notes

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