Copyright updates of GFv3 external projects

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This dashboard tracks the status of copyright header update for the sources of external projects referenced in GlassFish v3 workspace.
Please refer to on how to create/update copyright/license header.

Please update the status to completed or done.

Project Project URL Owner(s) Status
HK2 Jerome/Sahoo/Jeff Done (hk2 1.0.75)
JSP Kin-man Done
UEL Kin-man Done
JSTL Kin-man Done
HA-API Mahesh Done
Grizzly Justin Done
GMBAL Ken Cavanaugh Done
Jersey Pavel Bucek done
Metro (WSIT) Martin Grebac Done
JSF Ed Burns
Done (20110114- 2.0.4 done too)
Woodstock Jason Lee  
Corba Ken Cavanaugh Done
Tiger-Types Jane Young (project owned by Kohsuke) Done
metainf-services Jane Young (project owned by Kohsuke) Done
JavaMail Bill Shannon Done
JAX-WS Jitendra Kotamraju  
JAXB Martin Grebac Done
Bhavanishankar/Mohit Binod  
Management-api (built as part of gmbal) Ken C./Byron Done
BTrace Byron  
Shoal Bobby Done
genericra Binod  
MQ Jill Done
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