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NOTE This page needs additional content and clean up. Please fix any inaccuracies.

Types of Contributors

Tentative GlassFish does not have a formalized distinction but, informally contributors can be individuals or ''organizations".

See [IndividualContributors]


A few organizations are already contributing code to GlassFish. These include:

Some other groups are using components from GlassFish; some of those that we are aware of are:

  • JBoss (JAXB, JSF)
  • Jetty (JSP, Grizzly)
  • Apache (Geronimo)

We are also aware of several other uses of the code.


There is a large number of individual contributors. An approximation is this
Contributor Page and Page of more contributors.

How to Contribute to Project GlassFish

There are many different ways to contribute. Please check...

Probably the easiest way to get a contact is to send an email to the "Developers" alias for each group. That is almost always the DEV mailing list.

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