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Dec 14th Webinar recording

Details about the replay are available here:

Chat Rooms we'll use for Q&A on the webinar replay

There are several chat rooms used by different members of the community.  

GlassFish AppServer Chat room

The GlassFish community uses #glassfish at (use irc://

To chat you first need an IRC client. Then, the first time you will need to register using

Note that yourPassword is not secured. In later visits you will be using that password to identify yourself with the

To join the GlassFish channel, then

A log of converstation in the GlassFish channel is kept at


Installing Clients

There are many clients available free and xchat seems be the most popular:

Check out free Win32 XChat clients:

There is also a very extensive list of clients (with reviews) at

Or if you already use a recent version of the popular gaim instant messaging client, you can probably configure
it to connect to irc. Some instructions are available at Just be sure to join #glassfish instead of (or in addition to) the channel mentioned in these instructions.

If you are behind a firewall, you will need to configure your client to work with an HTTP or SOCKS proxy.

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