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About This Wiki

This is the Wiki for the GlassFish community. This wiki serves multiple audiences:

  • Developers using GlassFish Artifacts and Technologies (users)
  • Deployers for the same (deployers)
  • (Co-)Developers for the GlassFish Artifacts and Technologies (developers)
  • Analysts, Press and General Public interested in GlassFish (public)

The wiki is organized internally according to these (overlapping) audiences. Each section has a Top page as follows:

The distributors are more likely to find detailed information specific to how GlassFish is bundled in different products; see Products.

The wiki tends to be focused on the advanced edge of the development. Users interested in those releases should find their questions answered here, although in a somewhat rough, continuous beta, state. Polished information on the final releases are available from the distributors sites.

Technical - How this Wiki is put together

GlassFish Wiki uses Confluence technology. Earlier versions of the wiki were hosted on JSPWiki and it may still show on some page for which the migration was not perfect. For more information about using the GlassFish Wiki, see the GlassFish Wiki FAQ.

How to Contribute

  • History of the Wiki & configuration
  • Editorial Guidelines
  • How to update the wiki (see the GlassFish Wiki FAQ)
  • mailing list

Who is helping

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