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At JavaOne 2012 and Silicon Valley Code Camp 12 a session titled 50 Tips in 50 Minutes for GlassFish Fans was presented. The slides for this presentation are available at this link. The JavaOne conference session was recorded and is available for playback.

This wiki is a companion to the session where we provide links to additional information about the tips that were presented in the session.

50 Tips in 50 Minutes for GlassFish Fans

  1. Using the login Command
  2. Use Multimode for Batch Processing
  3. Use Shell Pipelines With Multimode
  4. Using the AS_DEBUG Env Variable
  5. The AS_LOGFILE Environment Variable
  6. How to build the workspace ?
  7. GlassFish Bundles - Zip, Installer, Commercial
  8. asadmin command help
  9. Secure Administration
  10. Configure Log4J
  11. Using Password Aliases
  12. Using install-node to Create a Cluster
  13. Validating Cluster Networking
  14. Checking the Domain’s Status
  15. Checking the Cluster’s Status (blog)
  16. Clustering with DCOM
  17. Clusters without SSH
  18. Startup and Shutdown Events
  19. Application Versioning in GlassFish
  20. Application Scoped Resources in GlassFish
  21. How to Start GlassFish as a Service
  22. How To Enable Server Monitoring
  23. How To View Monitoring Data (CLI) (blog)
  24. Using the monitor Command
  25. Using JMX to Access Monitoring
  26. Dynamic OSGi Services
  27. Debugging OSGi Bundles using Gogo Shell
  28. Run GlassFish inside an OSGi shell
  29. What's in your JVM ? - Troubleshoot
  30. Remote Deployment in NetBeans
  31. Using the GlassFish REST Interfaces
  32. Changing the REST Response Format
  33. Changing Configuration via REST
  34. Posting a Command via REST
  35. Using Domain Templates
  36. GlassFish Hosting Options
  37. Backing up and restoring Glassfish domain
  38. Transparent JDBC Pool Reconfiguration
  39. Displaying Frequently Used SQL Queries by an Application
  40. Detecting JDBC statement and connections leaks and reclaim
  41. Using Update Center to Keep Current
  42. Update Center GUI Simplifies Updates
  43. How to Write a Custom Command
  44. Controlling the Server’s JVM
  45. Controlling the JVM options
  46. Upgrade - In-place and Side-by-side
  47. Update from GlassFish Server Open Source to Oracle GlassFish Server
  48. Extending and Updating Inside a Closed Network
  49. GlassFish Docs (Oracle Docs)
  50. How to reach us?
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